Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Dusting Off the Keyboard...Again

Here we are again. Another year. Another promise to myself of blogging more consistently. In all honestly, I haven't even looked at my own blog in so long I was surprised to find that I had blogged at all in 2016! Once I looked at it, I was happy I did. There are great memories I want to remember. 

Lately, though, I have really had the itch to write. To put things down about the girls that I want to remember. I know I keep up with Facebook and Instagram, but there is something about the stories of blogging that I miss. 

So, again, let me tell myself: I will blog more. I will. I will. I will. 

So, I plan on going back and blogging about things like Christmas that I missed out on recording, but in the meantime I will dust off the keyboard and give it my best shot. 

Here's the short version: 


Emerson is now 4 1/2. (Gah!) She started PreK. She's killing it. She has matured so much and soaking up everything like a sponge. If it's a song, she can hear it one time and know every word. 

Her teachers say that she is an excellent friend. She goes out of her way to make sure that every kid has someone or something to play with. She has lots of friends, two of my co-workers' kids in particular. They insist on walking to class together each day and hugging each other if they see them outside of the norm. It's adorable.

She loves anything arts and crafts. She still loves dinosaurs and wants to be a princess. She's getting opinions on what she wears and how she wants her hair. Her favorite color is purple. Mornings are NOT her time of day. She enjoys church and LOVES to read. (Yay!!!) She's got a lot of anxiety about the dark and being alone. She doesn't like it at all, but we're working on her fear. She also won't try new foods, which is sooo much fun (sarcasm font). 

She is THE BEST big sister ever. I can't believe I was ever worried about how she would transition to having two little sisters. She mothers them better than I do at times. She loves to play with them and help them. She and Caroline are especially close. She is turning into this awesome big kid and we are loving it. 


Harper is just a few days shy of 1 1/2. She is our spitfire. She can be as mean as a snake, pulling hair, and hitting, but she also loves big. She is currently a major mommy's girl, but she lights up when her daddy walks in. She isn't really into anything in particular. She likes music and loves animals, but she is content on her own a lot. Harper is our girl who just likes to be in the moment. She eats anything you put in front of her, but refuses to use a spoon or fork over her fingers. She is our talker. Her first word was, "Caroline," but she doesn't say it much anymore. Her current favorite phrases are, "Happy birt-bay to you" and "Bye, y'all!" She's repeating sounds when Emerson counts (4, 5, etc) and says the ABCs. 

Back in August, our pediatrician referred us to a pulmonologist at Texas Children's because Harper continuously had "junky lungs." She coughed and wheezed to a point it was quite scary for us. We tried everything we could think of. We went in October and met with a wonderful doctor. He had us do a bronchoscopy, which revealed that Harper's lungs were not formed properly. We then were sent to have a CT scan. By the pure healing grace of God, the CT scan showed that her lungs were normal size and were functioning. Her right side just branched much lower than where it should. He got us on a good routine of breathing treatments and an inhaler, which has helped her breathe normally. We still go back for regular check ups at TCH, but we are beyond grateful that she has an excellent prognosis. 


Caroline is truly "Sweet Caroline." She is the quietest, most gentle little person. She is not our talker, but she likes to shriek. Her most used words are "wook" (look) and "dada." She is Emerson made over. She LOVES her daddy almost as much as she loves her pacifier at night. She is the best sleeper. She lays down and puts herself right out, but she's particular about her pillows and blankets. Caroline needs a friend most of the time. It's usually Emerson, but she and H are started to babble and play with each other more. She loves playing with my phone or anything that plays music. Emerson's karaoke machine she got for Christmas is probably her favorite toy! She talks nonstop on it. 

She is a good eater. She likes her routine and little comforts. She adjusts easily to new situations and isn't quite as clingy as her sisters. She wants people to feel loved. She is a big helper and will do things like put her shoes away without you even asking. (Thank you, Lord!) 

ALL 3:

All three girls love to be outside, visit their grandparents, play with their cousins, and be with each other. They devour spaghetti like it is the greatest thing they've ever tasted and love popsicles. 

We're in a season where it's easier than it was when they were babies, but it's still pretty tough trying to juggle everyone, home, and work. We could not ask for three greater kids though. They are truly the best in the world, and we feel blessed God loaned them to us for awhile. I love sweet little babies, but watching them grown and change has been the joy of my life. I am seriously blessed to get to be their mom. 

Here's hoping this blogging thing lasts! 

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