Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The Spring Break That Never Ends

Last week we were on Spring Break from's still going.

Our area got lots of rainfall, which has led to some local rivers flooding areas in our county and around us. We are very blessed to live on a hill and in an area that was not hit so hard. A lot of kids and staff at my school were not so lucky. Today, they have closed one of the major highways near us so school is canceled while all of that traffic is diverted through our tiny town. It should be interesting.

But, here we are with another day home! I am not complaining! It has been a great week together. I think we were all in need of some unhurried quality time with each other, which comes easily when it's raining for days on end. I have finally decided that I am going to really (REALLY) make an effort to blog more. We were comparing the twins current tricks to things Emerson used to do, and it was so nice to be able to look back at my blog and remember those times with her. I have decided I have got to (REALLY) start making an effort to do that with them too. So here we go! Spring Break '16:

The first weekend we took a trip to the Houston Zoo. Emerson has been asking to go "see where the lions live" for awhile, but once we got there she was pretty much only interested in the wagon ride and a grape snocone!

This girl is my heart! Three has not been an easy year for us, but there are so many sweet, sweet moments that you want to bottle up and keep forever. She loves to "steal smooches" and tells you she loves you all the time. She is the BEST big sister and such a sweet soul (despite her knack for drama). I love her so!

Monday, Justin was off so he and I got to have a date day, which really translated to "We have a whole bunch of errands to run so let's do them while we have a sitter." It was nice to get stuff done without loading car seats in and out and changing diapers every five minutes!

Then the rain started so there were lots of days spent like this:

Caroline has decided she's ready to be on the move! She just started pulling up on stuff, and then Wednesday she decided she was ready to start walking behind her toys. I am so not ready for this!!! It makes me sad to think we are so close to not having "babies" anymore. We'll have full-blown toddlers  before we know it!

We finally got some beautiful weather the second weekend so we started our garden for the year! I have a MAJOR black thumb, so we'll see how long this lasts. Justin built us two raised beds, and we planted all sorts of stuff just to see how it will do. I am most excited about our herb garden! Since we live in a small town, the grocery store very rarely has stuff like fresh basil. Now we can (hopefully) just walk outside and grab some.

Yesterday, school was canceled due to so much of our area being under water. I finally worked up the courage to take all 3 girls to run errands by myself. I know that probably sounds crazy to some people, but with a three-year-old and two seven months old even a quick trip to Walmart is like packing for a weekend getaway! Plus the world is not created for double strollers. The thought of trying to navigate that thing in a public restroom stall when Em decides she's got to go is enough to make me want to take a nap! All three girls did awesome though, and we even made to multiple places! I feel a tiny bit more confident about going and doing things this summer.

We'll have to see what else this week brings us. It's looking like we could have quite an interesting week with rain toward the end. Either way I plan on soaking up these three like a sponge while I can!

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