Monday, December 7, 2015

Big Sister Trip: Great Wolf Lodge

Before the twins were born we wanted to take Emerson on a little trip with just the three of us. Kind of a babymoon with our first baby. However, I seriously underestimated how hard it would be to travel at 8 months pregnant this time around so we never got around to it. At the end of September, Zulily ran a special on suites at Great Wolf Lodge. We knew this was the perfect opportunity to reward Em for how awesome she has been this past year. Her whole life has been completely turned upside down, in every way possible, and she has handled it with as much patience and grace as any three-year-old could.

So, last Friday morning we loaded up the car, grabbed some great friends, and made the 5 hour drive. I think the drive there and back was just as great as the trip itself. We had a "man" car and a "woman" car, and each had to take the kids for part of the trip. Em got to be with her besties and I actually got to have a conversation with someone without stopping to answer 50, 000 questions!

We got there early Friday afternoon and immediately hit up the water park. It is awesome! There was a great range of stuff for little kids to grown ups. It was super clean, and most of Friday it was empty! The kids could do as many slides as they wanted without having to wait for very long.

Emerson did great at the water park! We only had one severe meltdown because she thought she could hang in the 4 foot deep pool with no life jacket. She kept telling me, "But Mommy!! I got this!!!" Sweet girl, you don't "got this" quite yet. She did get really brave and swim under water a couple of times with Justin and I right there. Sometimes I wish she had an ounce of fear in her, but I would rather her get some bumps and bruises than sit on the sidelines afraid. 

That night we cleaned up and went to storytime in the lobby. They had this gigantic Christmas tree that smelled just like Christmas! It was pretty amazing!

During storytime they made it "snow". It would have been even cooler if our kids were actually awake enough to enjoy it. And if I hadn't totally busted my tail in front of everyone. Let's just say that trying to stand up on your leg that is DEAD asleep after being in the same position for 45 minutes will land you flat on your back. :)

The next day we water parked some more and then headed home. Emerson got her first Starbucks, which Miss Fancy Pants informed me was called "cocoa NOT hot chocolate!" The drive home involved an hour and a half spent in random traffic and women who were starting to lose their cool.

A few seconds after being in our car without her friends Sister ended up sound asleep for most of the ride home. Toward the end she was getting restless and Justin and I were anxious to be home so we had a Disney soundtrack dance party in the car. The girl can shake her booty for sure. It may have been my favorite part of the whole weekend.

It was such a great that really reminds you of how blessed you are. We are so lucky to have people near us who we trust and who love us enough to keep the twins so we could take Emerson to do this. We are lucky to have great friends who have kids who are great friends to Emerson. We are lucky for little moments of fun and happiness. And we are lucky that overall we are a pretty positive family. I didn't exactly grow up in a positive thinking/acting/speaking household, so it's been a conscious effort to try to make as much of our kids' days as positive as I can. We have choices, really in every moment, to either be happy and make the most of a situation or to gripe and complain. I can wake my kids up by yelling and griping or I can wake them up by tickling and singing (badly). As long as I can, I want to choose to wake them up tickling and singing so they look forward to their day-to their lives-instead of waking them up already defeated. I am so thankful that God "woke us up" this weekend with pure JOY.

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