Monday, November 30, 2015

Back in the Saddle

Well, after a really long hiatus, I am trying to climb back into the blogging saddle again. I think it's equal parts guilt over not keeping up with the twins' lives mixed with the feeling that God has something he is trying to get out of me through blogging  that is bringing me back.

Oh, wait, what's that? I never blogged about the fact that we actually have TWINS now???

Well, we do. 

Caroline Reese and Harper Brynn entered the world July 22nd weighing 7lbs 15 oz and 6lbs 8 oz respectively. Yes, that is 14.5 pounds of baby. You can only imagine how delightful I was to be around toward the end of that pregnancy!  Both girls were healthy, although Harper did have to spend 98% of our hospital stay in the NICU due to her having some breathing troubles. Hopefully I will get the chance to write more about their story later on.

They are SUPER different, incredibly sweet and happy babies. Caroline is our chunky cheeks (even though she is smaller than Emerson was at this stage). She has her daddy's dimples. She loves to eat and goes sleep easily on her own. She's our serious girl. Harper is our little peanut. She is the happiest baby EVER. She's also a nosy baby who can't focus on anything except what everyone around her is doing. She constantly smiles, and really only cries when something is seriously wrong.

Then there is this girl...

Our sweet Emerson Kate is 3 1/2 now! I can't even begin to understand how all of that happened so quickly. She is so smart, the greatest big sister, and DRAMATIC. The whole "threenager" thing is a very accurate description of her. She is soaking up everything like a sponge. We've started working on memorizing Bible verses and identifying sight words. She LOVES, LOVES, LOVES to sing, play blocks, and watch TV.

The whole transition from one kid to three has been challenging, but we are making it. We really couldn't ask for two easier babies so that helps, but a lot of our time right now is spent on surviving. We're slowly reentering the land of the living, which hopefully means maybe I'll have something half-way interesting to blog about! We'll see how I do. :)

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