Thursday, April 23, 2015

24 1/2 Weeks

Well, I figure I should document this pregnancy more before it gets too late. You're only pregnant with twins once (Please, Jesus, hear the plea in that...ONLY ONCE, okay?!?!)

I have to say, I am pretty amazed I have made it to 6 months and I still feel as good as I do. This past week or so is really the only time I have started to feel PREGNANT. Otherwise, I have felt fairly normal (other than the horrible sickness in the 1st trimester). That is a huge blessing! I really thought I would over it by now, so to have made it this far and feel good is definitely an answered prayer.

Here are some other bits and pieces just for my own memory:

  • Both twins measure about 2 weeks ahead. (I'm 24 weeks, they measure 26ish.) They are roughly 2 lbs each with only a 3 ounce difference in their size.
  • My blood pressure has been near perfect and has only spiked twice in the past month. Another blessing that I think has a lot to do with the fact that I am in a different work environment than I was with Emerson. By this point with Em is was high almost every day.
  • I passed my glucose test. PRAISE JESUS!
  • I've actually lost weight. It's all maternity pants all the time, but I can still wear normal shirts. 
  • I am HOT all the time already. May and June will do me in for sure. 
  • I will still see the high-risk doctor monthly to track their growth even though things are going well. He'll keep an eye on them to make sure they continue growing about the same rate. I'll have one more visit with my regular OB before I start going every other week. She's will have me start doing non-stress tests not long after that. I think that's just standard procedure for twins. I only had to do one with Em, and that's because I mentioned she wasn't moving as much as she previously did. Turns out she was just too cramped to move.
  • My due date is August 10th, but my doctor will take them about 37 weeks. That puts us mid-July. She's warned me a lot that most twin pregnancies go into preterm labor about 34-35 weeks, so it could be as early as late June. My goal is to make it to 37 weeks. I will be screaming and begging for relief by then, so y'all please remind me that I said that. I want the babies to be as healthy as possible, and I know the longer they "cook" the better off they are.
  • Emerson still doesn't understand the whole "we're getting you 2 siblings" business. She will talk about babies and she likes taking care of her baby doll now and then, but that's about it. Her world is about to be rocked. I predict that she'll be jealous for about 3 days and then she will become a little Mother Hen. I think she'll be very protective of them and constantly want to help. 
  • We will don't know for sure what Baby A is. At our ultrasound on Monday, it's legs were behind Baby B so there was too much of a shadow to tell. It's just kind of comical at this point. Six or so ultrasounds and it's always just out of reach. We're planning on two girls since that's what we were first told. If it turns out to be a boy that's perfectly fine! 
  • I'm struggling with the name thing. Right now we know for sure we have a Caroline and Harper. (Harper was previously Callie and Quinn, but we've I changed our my minds again.) I still have no definite answer for middle names, but (for now) they are Caroline Reese and Harper Brynn. We'll see if it lasts. :-)
  • Their room is not done, but we plan on working on it soon. They have a few outfits and some gear. Our church and my school plan on throwing us a shower soon, which is SUPER nice of them!
  • They move all the time. ALL.THE.TIME. They wake me up at night with their dancing, but I really don't mind. Feeling them move is one of the coolest parts of pregnancy so I will take it any time of day!
It's starting to sink in that this is FOR REAL. Now that we could be as soon as 8 1/2 weeks away from two more babies being in this world it is becoming more of a reality!  I am so not sure what God intends to do with all of this, but I am excited for the adventure! I know it's going to be crazy-hard and it will take us a lot of time to adjust, but I also know that this is no mistake. God has planned perfectly the timing of these babies, so He'll do whatever it is He plans to do and we'll give Him the glory for it! We would still greatly appreciate prayers for continued health and growth and for us to begin to see what it will mean for us to adjust as a family of 5. (FIVE!!!!!) It won't be long now!!

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