Wednesday, March 25, 2015

A Full Heart

First of all, thank you to everyone who prayed for us Monday!! The prayers were definitely felt! We got a great report on the twins. Everything looked perfect on both of them. They are measuring at 22 weeks, which is a little strange since we thought I'm only 20 weeks. There is a very likely chance our dates were wrong. I go to my regular OB on Monday so we'll talk about moving up my due date. (That's fine with me because it means more time with them before school starts!) We still only know the for sure gender of Baby B. Baby A refused to uncross its little legs, so the doctor guessed that it's "maybe" a girl. I go back in 4 weeks to check their growth and for the doctor to examine their faces and hearts more.

We have had a great past few days as a family. This last weekend, Justin's brother and family came in from Ft. Worth. It was his aunt and uncle's 50th wedding anniversary so we celebrated that and our nephew's 2nd birthday. Sunday ended up being awesome weather (finally!!) so we got to play outside a lot and enjoy it.

Sunday night, Emerson stayed with my parents so that we didn't have to drive her 20 minutes in the opposite direction before heading to Houston. We got to sleep in a little bit Monday morning and then headed to my appointment. It took a sweet FOREVER, but lucky for Justin I get downright goofy when I get nervous. We had a lot of fun being silly and talking to each other. You forget how often your conversations revolve around kid(s)! It was nice to talk about other stuff for a change.

After my appointment, we got to go visit Ty and his family in the hospital. Seeing him doing so well and getting to hug his mama was definitely the highlight of my day! It was a good reminder of how faithful God is to answer our prayers and how community makes a huge difference. I think Justin and I both left feeling like we should just stuff them in my purse and bring them home with us! I hated to leave them sitting in that hospital when I know they're aching to go home.

Tuesday, I started (another) new role at school, only it's really an old one. The 3rd grade teacher who took my place started maternity leave so I am filling her spot while she's out. Even though it means having a class full-time on top of my load and trying to help out Ty's mom, it feels really good to be back. I feel like I know what I am doing and I can do it well...something I haven't really felt in my other position. I'm not sure about what it means for me. I have a lot of praying to do over the next couple of weeks. It has made me really miss a traditional classroom role, but I am not certain that is what God has for me. We'll figure it out though.

The past few days have just been really, really good for me. Being around family and friends, spending time with Justin where we don't feel the need to rush, feeling like I'm in my element at's all done my heart good. Then, there are these two:

I have no idea what I would do without this girl and her daddy. Seeing her look at him like that makes my heart pretty much want to explode! It's cliche', but good grief! We are blessed!

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