Friday, February 13, 2015

This Week

It's hard to believe it's already Friday, but I will take it! We have had a good, but really busy week. Justin's had to work late, and I have had something almost every single evening.

Sunday was a really rough day with Emerson. We got to church and she would have no part of going into the nursery. It's so strange because she begs to go to "the castle" every week and play with her BFF. She flat out had a meltdown though, so we ended up calling it a day. Unfortunately, her bad attitude didn't quit. She was on a tear all day long.

Later that evening, I was trying to get a picture of her with her doll. The cold shoulder is all I ended up with. Some days it really scares me to think of her as a teenager!

These toys are her absolute favorite right now. Her Little People house lives on our dining room table. She calls the momma Hadley and the daddy Owen after her two best buds. It cracks me up because EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. she plays with them she puts the daddy on the toilet. The other dolls get to move around and do new things, but daddy stays right where he is. The girl is perceptive. :)

Yesterday, I stayed home from work because I had some major pains going on all through the night Wednesday. I think a lot of it was just from being on the go so much and not drinking enough water. Emerson and I left the house one time to run to Walmart, and she insisted on wearing a hat. (I had one on too.) Sometimes I see a lot of myself in her. It's not often because she is her daddy made over, but days like yesterday always remind me there are pieces of me in there too.

It also strikes me how she is so NOT  baby anymore! She is a big girl through and through. I could not be prouder of her.

Tonight, she's off to a slumber party at Meemaw and Pappaw's while Mommy and Daddy are looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow! I don't see much of that happening for us in the next 20 years, so we'll take advantage of it every chance we get. Between that and the pedicure gift certificate I got, I am feeling the love!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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