Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Little Things

Lately it seems like everything is just such a struggle! It feels like we are trudging through molasses.  Last week, the transmission on Justin's truck went out. Our house looked like a bomb went off. I drove an hour to a doctor's appointment only for them to tell me they rescheduled it. Emerson has decided she now only poops in her pants. And I ended up with bronchitis, a sinus infection, and the beginnings of strep. (I did not handle it well. Let's just say that not being able to breathe mixed with a constant cough mixed with two babies already squishing your bladder about did me in.) It's just been a mess, and not just for us-for so many people around us!

It seems like everyone is fighting something right now. 

The other day, as I was struggling to get Emerson up and dressed while not being able to breathe myself, I caught myself saying, "I'm doing the best I can" over and over again. It hit me driving to work that all I really can do is the best I can...and I (me-not anyone else) need to be ok with that. My house will never be completely spotless, laundry will never be completely done, dinner may not be more than a grilled cheese sandwich, my hair will constantly need a trim, something will always be broken, and I will never, ever, ever have it "all" together.

That doesn't mean I get to live in self-pity though. I don't get to throw in the towel and quit. There are a million worse things than trucks breaking down, toddlers who like to poop their pants, and throwing up in the school parking lot in front of a pack of construction workers and a parent (yep, happened yesterday).

So, I decided that every day I need to find at least one thing that is a blessing and focus on it. Plain and simple. One thing that brings joy or one thing I just really, really like.

These would be a few:

Justin and Emerson have the best relationship!  She thinks her daddy hung the moon.

Randomly walking through Target yesterday, I found this set of 3 notebooks by Katie Daisy for only $4!!! I l-o-v-e her stuff!!!  It made my day when I saw that one was her Happy Day print because Emerson says that all the time!!! (She got it from "Happy Birthday," but she says it whenever she has something good for you.) I thought it would be awesome to frame the cover and put it in her room. It really tickled me when I opened up the package and saw the one in the middle had the Scatter Joy print with "Emerson" at the bottom. It's like it was meant to be!

I also loved getting to see the twins for a little bit yesterday! I had a quick ultrasound because the nurse had trouble finding their heartbeats with the Doppler. They are both just fine! The ultrasound lady was so sweet! She confirmed Baby B is definitely a girl, but she said she couldn't tell what A was. She said it's "probably" a girl, but based on its position she can't get a clear shot. She said she wouldn't completely give up hope of their being a boy in there, which was so awesome! I honestly do not care either way what Baby A is, but it was nice to hear that I am not crazy for thinking maybe there's a chance of a boy! 

I also love a late start at school due to ice (which ended up not existing). Those two hours of sleep and some time with Emmy Kate did my heart good. We wasted time taking goofy pictures in the car while we waited on my sister to trade kids this morning. (I have no idea why it won't turn around. It's right side up on my computer and my phone. Who knows!!!)

I really need to stop and smell the roses now and then. Maybe focusing on the good will help see that it really does outweigh the bad!

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