Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Blast From the Past

I have no idea why, but I got the urge to go back and look at the blog I kept pre-Emerson. It's still floating out there in internet-land in all of it's {lacking} glory.

As I was looking through the posts, I remembered that I had written one about what our baby names would be. I have a very distinct memory of talking to two of my friends (as we picked up some Hamburger Depot...that's how specific this memory is to me) about that post, and how they "loved" the girl name we picked out. I found that post, dated May 7, 2010...not even a full year after we were married. You can read it HERE.

Our name choices are still the same!! We dropped Emerson from two M's to one, but we both still love Hudson and Quinn. (Emerson would have been Hudson if she was a boy.) And I still don't know what middle name I would put with Quinn because I feel like Quinn Williams is a mouthful! That cracks me up!After all this time, we still have the same ideas.

In the meantime, we have a few other name choices, but nothing is confirmed. I'm thinking Hudson and Quinn might need to be it though since they've survived almost 5 years!

Got any other name suggestions???

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