Thursday, February 19, 2015

And they are...


I will go on record that I am not 100% convinced on Baby A. Baby B is most definitely a girl (and not a shy one!), but A is sitting on her head in a really awkward position. After about 15 minutes of poking and prodding, the ultrasound tech finally got a side shot of Baby A. She declared (rather quickly) that there was nothing between the legs so it's a girl! I'm only about 15 1/2 weeks along, so I already knew I would need a "money shot" to convince me. It's still so early. A side shot with nothing definite doesn't completely convince me. We didn't see any evidence of a boy, but we also didn't see any girl bits either. I am in no way saying the girl didn't know how to do her job. I most certainly couldn't do it! I just won't be that surprised if when I have our Level II anatomy scan in March one of them has grown a little turtle head.Then again, I am totally ok if it hasn't!

With all of that said though, there are a lot worse things in life than being blessed with 3 healthy baby girls! We'll have to start investing now in hairspray and make-up, but we will most certainly make it. God knows EXACTLY what we need. He did with Emerson and He does now. No matter what, we are on a pretty great adventure!

Here are some pictures we got: 

Baby A sitting on top of Baby B's head

Baby A (the one I am not convinced about)
Baby B: Definitely a girl!!
Baby B was apparently tired. She yawned and stretched before sucking her thumb.
So, now, we plan! We have 3 first names we love, but no middle names just yet. We walked around Hobby Lobby for a bit after our appointment, and it got my wheels spinning about how to do the nursery. It's time to break out the Pinterest and get some stuff done!

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