Friday, January 16, 2015

This Week

I feel like this picture of Emerson kind of sums up our week:
Crazy, hot mess. I don't think there has been a single day where we've all be home  before 6:00, which basically means my Christmas tree is still up and our house is a total disaster. I am literally itching to wake up tomorrow and get stuff DONE. I can promise you that the "waking up" will not happen at the crack of dawn though.

Can we also talk about how my child got a ton of wonderful, fun, educational toys for Christmas and all she wants to play with is a hand-me-down puppy dog from my aunt and a beanie from her Uncle Jonathan? That is classic kid for you, huh?

I have actually started reading again this week though! I feel like lately all I do is start books and never finish them. My school has started a campaign for teachers to share what they're reading, so I figure it's time to get on the ball. I checked out some from our library last Friday (I really like to read books I can talk to the kids about.), and I cannot put this one down!!

(I know it was one of last year's big books. I am late to the game.) I think every person in the world should have to read this book. I am so in love with the characters and the whole idea of encouraging people to choose kindness. It has really made me think about how I respond to "different" and how I want to teach Emerson and the 2 little nuggets to treat other people. It's just that good.

Speaking of the 2 nuggets...Things are getting better in the preggo department. I've only had a few days this week of morning all day sickness, and I have had a little more energy. I've been teaching a 4th grade class full-time on top of my regular duties, so I am just thankful I've still been standing at the end of the day!

This is currently my BFF:

I can't get enough pickles and I crave salty things. It's different because with Emerson, the little I did crave, was almost always lemonade or sweet things. Justin attributes my pickle-craving to the fact that I am very quickly moving out of my regular clothes. (He followed that comment up with, "I thought you ate the whole jar at once." I didn't. Dig that hole, buddy. Dig that hole. Ha!) I may or may not have had a tiny breakdown on Wednesday when the clothes that I made sure to try on Tuesday night no longer fit me Wednesday morning. Trying to figure out clothes that will get me through the next 6 months with crazy weather changes is only second in the completely frustrating department to trying to come up with names. Four names!! We have to come up with 4 names!! (Two first and two middle) We have some ideas, but nothing has clicked just yet, so if you want to throw some ideas out there we're open!

Now that I keep looking at that picture all I want to do is drive to the store and get a pickle.

Maybe I can convince Justin to take me on a date to the movies and I can get the really good kind.

Like I said,


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