Monday, January 5, 2015

New Year

This year isn't really my year for resolutions or even "one little word." I am not sure just hasn't been on my heart. There are things I want to be better at, of course. To me this year is going to be more about living it than trying to make it fit into some box or plan of my own though. 

I'll be totally honest, I have no clue what this year holds for us. However, I have a huge feeling of expectancy and excitement about what is to come. Not that 2014 was a bad year for the Williams family, but it was definitely a year of stretching and growing for us. Our year wasn't sunshine and roses, and sometimes that is what we need. To get the roses, you have to grow some thorny vines first. 

I wasn't even really praying for a verse or a word for this year. Like I said, it hasn't been on my heart to seek after one. God's put this verse in front of me multiple times lately though, so I am taking the hint. This sums up what I feel like He's telling me for 2015:

I'm excited for whatever this "new thing" or "things" may be. I am ready to see God grow us and change us in ways that only He can. 

I do have one commitment I plan on striving for this year, and that is to blog more. I am not even sure anyone still reads this, but that's not what it's really about. I started this blog as an outlet for me, and it  has become the only baby book I have for Emerson besides Instagram. God's laid it on my heart to do a lot more writing about what He is showing me (Not that I am any type of Biblical teacher at all! My grade in Dr. Tankersly's New Testament class will show you that.), and I am going to be obedient to that. Who knows where it will lead, but it will be fun (for me!) to find out. So, look for more updates and hopefully a header that actually shows what our kid currently looks like in the near future! 

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