Sunday, January 4, 2015

Christmas Break 2014

Well, it's the last few hours of Christmas break, and as sad as I am that my alarm clock will be going off at 5:00 am tomorrow, I am ready for a little normalcy and routine. The Williams family has lived it up for the last two weeks-sleeping late, skipping naps, eating lots of junk-and the cracks are starting to show. Emerson has been on edge all day, and I've fallen asleep sitting straight up two days in a row! I think it's time for a good dose of consistency for all of us.

We've had a wonderful two weeks together though! This is the first break in a long time where I feel like Justin got to be with us a lot. Thankfully, the holidays just fell at the right time this year. It was so nice to just BE with him and Emerson so much. He and I actually got to stay up late together watching movies by ourselves. We had tons of play time with Emerson, who is ALL ABOUT the play time these days. It was really, really good for us. It was a good reminder of what great people I have. I think sometimes we get so busy day-to-day that we forget to really enjoy each other.

We started the break with an early Christmas with Justin's side of the family. We always have a good time being around his brother and their family. When you marry someone you really do marry their family, and I got a good one! I love that they continually point everyone around them to Jesus. Plus they're just fun people.

Emerson got this super cute chef's outfit and quite a few toys.

That same weekend, our friends that live in California came to visit. We haven't seen them in 3 years (!!!), but thanks to social media it didn't feel like it was that long. The last time we saw them was right before we both found out we were pregnant! They have Owen, who is only about 3 weeks older than Emerson. We always joke that they've had an arranged marriage since the womb. :) They are those friends that are a whole lot more like family. Even though it's been years since we've been face to face, all of us picked right up where we left off. They were here for a whole 12 days, and thankfully we were able to see them almost every day. 

Christmas day we opened gifts from Santa and spent the afternoon with my family. Emerson was in a horrible mood, so there aren't many pictures worth sharing. Santa brought her a killer pair of cowgirl boots, a doll house like her buddy Hadley's, a Woody doll, and some clothes. 

And she has played NON-STOP with all of them! She's at such a fun age where her imagination is really starting to come out. Each doll now has a name (usually Daddy or Hadley) and some kind of backstory. This day, she had played herself out. She climbed up into our bed and said, "I sleeps now." Too bad that didn't last very long. :)

We spent New Year's Eve with our Cali friends. Blake's stepmom made us a big pot of seafood gumbo (that I wish I had right now!), and we had some small fireworks for the kids. I may have freaked out just a tiny bit when Em held the sparklers on her own. In my defense, the kid has A TON of hair!!!

She loved it though, and it was so fun to see Blake and Justin with their babies. Precious moments.

This past weekend, we traveled to Austin to celebrate my grandpa's 90th birthday. I totally flaked on taking any pictures though. :(

I guess our biggest accomplishment over the break was managing to potty train Em. I've tried here and there in the past, but we never really had enough consistent days at home to do us much good. It took us about 3 days, but we seem to really have the hang of it now. I am so glad it's done! I was starting to question whether or not I was going to have to buy her adult diapers when she goes to college.

Now we're fighting the Sunday night blues. I will miss home being every day with this sweet little face. Only 9 weeks until Spring Break though!! I think we can make it.

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  1. Ahh sweet Emerson!! I pray her and Hadley have lots of great memories together!