Monday, December 8, 2014

Sweet Little Baby Girl

I'm having lots of moments lately where I realize that my sweet little baby is turning into a real-life big girl. It brings out a crazy mix of horrible sadness, pride in the little girl she's turning into, and excitement for all of the fun this age brings.

It's like overnight she is a totally different child. She has this imagination that is blossoming, a vocabulary that stuns me every day, and heart for people. She has become so loving and kind-wanting to hold your hand as you watch a movie, wanting to give you kisses for no reason at all, telling you "thank you" every time you do anything for her, insisting on telling everyone "bye" and giving hugs any time we leave anywhere. She loves her baby dolls and babies in general. I'm pretty sure she thinks they are all hers. It is the sweetest thing!

Don't get me wrong, she's still as spunky as ever. She's headstrong, determined, and set in her ways...A LOT. I have no doubt that will be used for God's glory though.

I was listening to a sermon the other day, and the pastor made a point that this new generation -Emerson's generation- will be the first where the larger cultural-mindset will be against Christianity. From the very beginning of their lives, they will have to defend their beliefs on sexuality, marriage, family, the Bible...all things my generation and those before me have only recently had to defend. They will grow up in a world that is more against them than for them. I pray every day that this kid's staunchness will be used to bring Him glory in tough times. That no matter what she matter what society says...she will know the the TRUTH and live by it.

Good graciousness, am I thankful for this little (big) girl!

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