Monday, June 2, 2014

So Close I Can Almost Forget the Cardboard Smell

This is it! One. Last. Week. Technically, we have today, two half-days, and two days of meetings that will hopefully not last longer than a few hours. However, when the only things you have unpacked in your classroom are a dry erase marker and a fourth of a box of Kleenex, it makes for a really long day. While I am super-excited to see the changes to our building, I am so over construction woes and scheduling. I am also super-over the smell of cardboard permeating our hallways. This too shall pass though.

We had a pretty quiet weekend. Friday and Saturday we seemed to pass around a mild stomach bug, so with the exception of a Walmart trip Saturday evening we stayed home. Yesterday, we had a funeral for our good friend/neighbor's dad. She also happens to be my current school counselor and will be the principal next year. She is a loved, loved lady.

Her dad had a very unexpected heart attack last week and passed away on Friday. That afternoon, my principal announced we would take up a little love offering for her family to get settled that night. I happened to be standing outside the office when the announcement was made. Before she had even finished getting the words out of her mouth, I watched people literally pour out of every hallway and door with money in hand. Administrators, teachers, custodians, aides, you name it. People in the middle of moving boxes put them down to pull out their wallets. It really hit me that I was watching God love on one of his own through these people. While I am sure she and her family could have gone without a cold cut tray and a stack of paper plates, God knew that she needed the comfort of knowing that she is loved and cared for. It was the same at the funeral yesterday. There were school people every where I looked. The crazy thing is, this is not just for her. She's not singled out as being special. I've watched them do this same thing for total strangers. We had a second grade student who lost her dad this year. Her mom was pregnant at the time with another baby. Our second grade teachers organized a school-wide baby shower for this mom. They go above and beyond for all people, all the time. I am just so extremely blessed that God led me here.

It's crazy to think that if I didn't step out in faith, didn't get out of my contract at the very last second, didn't take a (minor) pay cut, I wouldn't get to be a part of this. God has blessed and changed me through this place and I am so incredibly grateful.

Now, if we could just do something about that smell...

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