Friday, May 23, 2014


I cannot believe my baby will be two years old tomorrow. That old saying, "the days are long, but they years are short" is so truthful it hurts. It sounds so cliche' but it seems like yesterday that we were waiting and waiting and waiting on her to make her arrival. Little did we know then that her fierceness (and stubbornness) were qualities we would see on the outside as well.

There just really aren't words to say how much you love your child. Parenthood has tested us in a lot of ways, but it has blessed us in even more. It has strengthened my relationships with Justin and with God. As much as I love this little girl, I know that Jesus loves her (and me!) even more. It blows my mind.

Emerson Kate,

You are a precious treasure to us...even on nights you don't sleep. We love you deeply. You have brought a joy to our lives that we could never, ever imagine. Your sweet spirit, spunk, and kindness know no limits. Your sense of humor and smarts never cease to amaze me either. We can't imagine life without you.

Here's what you're up to right now:
  • You LOVE music. You constantly sing and dance. You love to play Christmas music on my phone, and you try to sing along with any song on a movie or tv show. 
  • You are a night owl. You'd be perfectly content if we let you stay up until midnight and sleep til noon. Sadly, that's not really how life goes. We do battle bedtime now and then, but you've gotten much, much better. 
  • You count everything. You know your numbers 1-10, and can do one-to-one correspondence. My favorite is when you say, "seben." (seven) Your little voice is so sweet. 
  • You are headstrong. You know what you want and want it right then. It frustrates me at times, but I prayed for you to have a fierceness that would be used for His Kingdom, and there is no doubt in me that that's exactly what will happen. 
  • You love Jesus. You practically run out of our arms into the church nursery now. Your favorite book to read is your Bible, and you love to say your prayers now. 
  • You've started to love coloring and writing. You'll draw something on your easel and declare it "preeeetttyy." 
  • You can mimic the basic animal sounds, and you've started to recognize "horsies" and "cooows" as we drive by them. 
  • You can ask for things that you want ("snack," "juice" (which is really milk), "c'mere") and follow basic commands. 
  • You've become much more eager to stay with your grandparents and other people. You're still attached to me some times, but you've become more trusting. 
  • You can name your family members. When I ask you to say, "mama" you always reply, "pappaw." You know me when you need me though. My favorite is how you say, "Heather." It's more like "Heeeeyyyy!" I hope you always call her that. 
You are the light of your mama and daddy's life. We love you so, baby girl!

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