Friday, May 30, 2014

This & That Catch Up

We only have one more week of school, but I feel like I've made it through the horribly chaotic part of this month. Birthday parties, retirement parties, packing, moving, etc. are all done...successfully I might add. I feel like now I can breathe and start to enjoy the thought that summer is coming.

I've been itching to do something creative lately. I think it's all of the brown UPS boxes surrounding me lately that have given me the need for something pretty. I was leaving school the other day when our secretary was taking down this great old door she had hanging in her office. She already has one panel painted with chalkboard paint and two panels with cork. I told her I had always loved that door, and just like that she loaded it in my car! I am SUPER excited about having this!!! I'll have to post when we finish it. We'll have to actually decide what to do with it first. There are so many possibilities running through my head!

We got Emerson this chair for her birthday. I just couldn't bring myself to bit the bullet on the Pottery Barn Anywhere chairs. I would have loved for her to have one, but $100 for a chair with a kid who constantly has something on her hands wouldn't be good. She LOVES it though! I think she's so cute sitting like a big kid.

That reminds me, have I told you her newest trick? She now loves to take her diaper off. She handed me poop a few weeks ago, and just a couple of days ago Justin found poop in her toy kitchen sink.  Yep. Poop.

She is OBSESSED with these wooden Melissa & Doug puzzles! Thank you, Mrs. Amy and Cooper for this one! It's become her favorite. She loves the cow!

Last year, Justin found a massive blackberry patch in a corner of our pasture. We went the other day to see if they are ripe yet. They weren't, but there are tons of buds and our view wasn't half-bad.

I am so incredibly thankful God gave me a helpful husband. Justin came to help me move  my personal school stuff home last night. It's too big of an investment to leave at an open construction site all summer, so lots of boxes and bins had to be loaded. He never complained or griped about having to do it. I am so thankful for him. 

One perk of being the teacher's kid is that you get to be at school when nobody is looking. We may have had  a few cart races up and down our long hallway. (We were safe, I promise.)

And can we all glory in the fact that I do not have to set my alarm clock tomorrow morning. Hallelujah!

Have a good Friday!

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