Wednesday, May 28, 2014

I've Got High Hopes

So, I may have somewhat lost my mind in the midst of all of the chaos around me right now. It seems that having to pack up every little tiny shred of every item in my classroom while entertaining 20 kids with "meaningful" instruction has driven me to places I never knew I would go. I am craving normalcy, routine, and let's be honest-sleep. (There may or may not have been tears as I woke up Monday morning and had to come to school while it seemed everyone else in the free world was still at home in their comfy beds.)

My need for routine and organization drove me to think about my summer home with Emerson and what we can do so that Mommy doesn't lose her mind by July 4th. Let's be real for a second, I LOVE AND ADORE my child. I greatly appreciate that I get summers off with her. But when you live 15 miles from the nearest anything, summer can get really old really fast. (Just ask Justin.) You can only watch Doc McStuffins and swim in your lukewarm inflatable pool so many times before it gets really old.

So, I started thinking about setting up a little preschool fun for Emerson. We've opted to not send her to the PreK 2 class at a local church like every other parent we know does. Not because we think anything is wrong with it. We just feel like 2 is still really, really young for her. She'll have 14+ years of her life to sit in school. It's ok to let her be a kid right now. I might feel differently if she didn't have a late birthday, but it is what it is. :)

In the meantime, I remembered this blog I used to read years ago. I remembered her doing a letter of the week with her son, so I searched for it yesterday. While she didn't post about every letter, it did get me inspired to start planning something for Em.

This is what I came up with:

We'll hit colors pretty hard in June and then move on to a letter of the week for July and August. (We start school really late this year due to construction.)

Now, will I stick to this 100%? Probably not. Hopefully we'll have some exciting things going on, but I tried to keep my plans minimal so that we can have some flexibility. Maybe I can even continue it on after school starts and settles down. I know...HIGH hopes, right?

Anyway, I found some great resources while I was planning. Here they are if you want to check them out:

  • I ordered this book from for about $5. I figure Jesus works into the alphabet too. These are the coloring pages she'll do on Fridays. 

    • I also got this book for free when a teacher at my school was getting rid of it. It has songs and little books for each letter. You can find it here on Amazon. 

    •  Alphabet Coloring pages here.
    • This might be my new favorite website of all time! No Time for Flashcards has SOOO many great ideas and resources. Love, love, love!
    • Action Alphabet has a great list of items, foods, jobs, etc. for each letter.
    • And of course, Pinterest. I searched activities by letter just to get some ideas of what I can do that would expose Em to things she might not have seen before.

    Maybe after one good day in our pjs we'll get started. Wish me luck! 

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