Monday, April 7, 2014

Wonderful Weekends

We had such a good weekend. We all had a rough week last week with one really horrible night of no sleep. By Friday night I was barely a functioning person. Justin and Emerson went outside to play for a bit, and I just could not move. I actually laid on the couch and tried to take a nap just so I would have enough energy to get Emerson put to bed later that night. She's so cute though. It makes the tiredness worth it.

Thank the sweet Lord that we all ended up getting about 11 hours of sleep Friday night. It was SO needed!! I woke up feeling like myself, and Emerson woke up so happy. Justin had to work that morning, so Emerson and I hung around the house until he got home.

(The one quality she seems to have inherited for me is a love of books. She wanted in her crib, so I put her in. She pulled the pillow up behind her and sat for the longest time reading.)
That afternoon, we took Em to have her pictures made. It was quite an experience, but I think we ended up getting some great shots. After that, we dropped her off with Justin's parents and went to dinner with some great friends. It was really nice to sit and enjoy a meal without having to worry about chicken rings flying across the restaurant or your child trying to constantly talk to the people in the booth behind you. Justin and I had a great time talking without the sound of Bubble Guppies or Go, Go Christmas in the background too. It was nice to reconnect and breathe for a second.
We got up Sunday morning and went to Sunday School and church by ourselves. As much as I enjoyed the alone time, I missed our little munchkin quite a bit when I saw the other kids running around at church. We picked her up, then did a family grocery run. I was determined to have lunches and breakfasts planned for the week, and I did. However, my smoothie this morning tastes like total garbage. :( Really it takes like unripe banana, which is the exact same as garbage. Unfortunately, I have 5 others in freezer at home. Oh well, you can't win them all.
So, all in all it was a perfect weekend. Just enough relaxing with enough time to get things done. It helps when you have such cute helpers. :) 
We've got some fun things this week like dinner with new friends and signing up for swimming lessons. The best thing is that we only have about 8 more weekends until it's officially SUMMER! I can't wait!
Happy Monday, peeps. 

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