Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Little Things

The other day I got sidetracked talking to our school counselor and completely missed my lunchtime. Luckily, my conference time is right after that so I ended up just eating my lunch while I worked on a few things in my room. It seemed so simple, but it was one of those moments that God gives you and you don't even realize how much you really need it until you get it. Sitting in silence for just a few minutes that day, not having to engage with the people around me (not that I don't like my people or like talking to them) was exactly what I needed.

Then, Sophie posted this post yesterday, and I could so relate! Isn't it funny how some really little things can make you feel like you've accomplished something big? Her post inspired my weirdness, so here are some little (read:trivial) things that make me feel like I've done something great sometimes:

  • Having supper in the crockpot...Can I get an AMEN?! That is the best feeling!
  • Having my copies/plans for the next week done and in my co-worker's hands by Thursday afternoon.
  • Getting everything on my grocery list Remembering everything that needs to go on my grocery list.
  • Having everyone's laundry washed, folded, and put up before the week starts
  • Making the bed (which N-E-V-E-R happens on a week day unless it's summer because Justin is still sleeping when I leave)
  • Meals planned and/or prepped for the week. (It is my new goal to have lunches and breakfasts ready to grab and go on Sunday afternoons. I did it this week, and it has been AWESOME. Not only am I saving myself the time and hassle of figuring something out (or resorting to a Subway drive-by or *shudder* cafeteria food), I've been able to stick to healthy stuff. Maybe more on that later.)
  • Having my clothes and Emerson's ironed and laid out the night before.

All of it makes me realize how some times tiny things can matter. It's like the old saying about not staying in your pjs all day every day. Yeah, every once and awhile it is needed (and I mean NEEDED), but something about getting up and getting dressed makes you feel ready to accomplish things. A very small thing can give you the boost you need to do big things...and sometimes small things make the big things not seem so scary.

I also want to make sure that I enjoy the small moments. Sometimes God puts these little moments of joy or reprieve in our lives for our benefit. I want to take notice of them, and (most importantly) thank Him for them.

Hopefully today a small moment will become a big thing for you too.

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