Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Easter 2014

Hosting Easter at our house followed by a week of state testing has put me a little behind. Better late than never though.

This Easter was way better than last year, which is the year that we had to dress Emerson up in her Easter dress to stage pictures in our yard then quickly remove it before she projectile vomited all over it. Fun times. This year, everyone was healthy and happy.

Saturday, our church had an egg hunt, which is actually the first time Em has hunted eggs. While she was a little leery of the Easter bunny, she got the hang picking up the eggs once she realized they contained candy.
Sadly, these are pretty much the best pictures I got of her. Girl was on the move!

We went home that afternoon and started preparing for our families to come over for lunch and an egg hunt Easter Sunday.
Sunday morning, we woke up sleepy head to find her basket. In Justin's family it was tradition for the Easter bunny to hide your basket outside. He always loved that, so we're going to continue that with Em. I don't think we'll really push the whole Easter bunny thing though. I want her to know that the reason we celebrate is because Jesus died and rose again, giving us the hope of heaven...not because some (usually horribly creepy looking) bunny hopped through our yard. 

She was excited and a little confused when she found it. She got a bubble gun, bubbles, vegetable-shaped chalk, a new Jesus Storybook Bible and CD, a chocolate cross, some Doc McStuffins bubble bath, and a giant pen that she managed to sneak in our cart at Walmart last week. 

After that, we got dressed and made it to church just in time. Church was awesome! My mom and grandma joined us, and the sermon was awesome. We had both of our families over for lunch after that. Justin made an amazing brisket (and I don't even like brisket!), and I made the Pioneer Woman's baked beans and strawberry lemonade. There was other stuff there, but those were my favorites. :)

We usually spend Easter with Justin's family, but it was nice to get to be with my grandma and nieces too.

Monday, once peace was restored to our house, I found this in Emerson's church bag:

She had colored her very first picture at church. I am not sure what it is about this-the random scribbles, her name in the corner, or what, but it honestly almost brought me to tears. This is a memory I have as a kid-coloring pictures in Sunday School while someone told you a story about God. I remember so clearly loving Him even then. It kind of overwhelms me to see Emerson now having those same experiences. It makes me thankful for the legacy of faith in both of our families and for a God who never changes.
Easter is quickly becoming one of my favorite times of the year.

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