Monday, March 24, 2014

Spring Break '14

Spring Break for us has come and gone, but it was a good one! Justin was able to take the week off with us do it was even better than usual.

We started off by leaving for Ft. Worth the second I got out of school.

Ready to hit the road!

We spent the weekend with Justin's brother and family. It was great to just hang out and take it easy.

Monday, we went with Jonathan to Watchtower Ranch, where he works. It's also the ranch where Justin went to his Z-Experience, so it's a pretty special place.

Emerson and I occupied ourselves taking pictures while Justin helped Jonathan deliever a stillborn calf. :( It was a sad way to start the day, but it was great to get to watch them working together. I don't know two brothers-or anyone-as close as they are. Emerson absolutely LOVED the cows, and really perfected her "moo."

The rest of the week was spent just having fun as a family. We made a trip to the park and a small zoo that is nearby. We watched a lot of movies, and Frozen about a dozen times.

It was a week of rest and fun that was much needed for our little family.  I am so thankful that God has put these two in my life. They are my biggest blessings (and frustrations at times), and I can't imagine doing life without them.

Now we're gearing up for summer...only 10 weeks! 10 short, short weeks! (wishful thinking)
Happy Monday, peoples!

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