Monday, March 10, 2014

Hanging in There

Let's keep it real. I am stee-ruggling lately. It feels like we are the only district in the world not on spring break this week, and I desperately need it. To make things better, this is shaping up to be the busiest week ever. Doctor appointments (praise the LORD for finally {hopefully} getting my contacts back), open house, going out of town... This was Emerson by 7:30 last night:

She was literally hanging off the furniture! Poor thing woke up early and refused a nap, so she was interesting to say the least. She's done great lately. The past few weeks she has just walked in the church nursery like she owns the place. That is a huge answered prayer! At our old church (Have I mentioned the switching of the churches?), she would cry until she threw up all over the poor nursery worker, so this new maturity and true joy about getting to go has been a really big deal for us.

She's as smart as a whip. Her current phrases include: sow-wee (sorry), mere peas (c'mere please), tank tu (thank you), and a variety of family names. However, she's also learned the word, "NO!" and uses it way too much. I realized Saturday that we're going to have to start enforcing timeout. She threw a wall-eyed fit because I made her throw a way the wrapper to her fruit snacks, and that kind of stuff just isn't going to fly. It's funny because I know classroom management is my strong point, but putting my almost two-year-old in timeout makes me stress out like nothing else. It has to be done though. I refuse to raise a brat. If you have any tips of how you do timeout with your little one, I'd love to hear.

I'm also curious if any of you have tried essential oils with your kids. I've been hearing more and more lately about how they can be a homeopathic remedy for allergies and fever. We have a horrible time getting her to take her meds, so I am wondering if this might benefit us. It would also be nice to not be shoving allergy meds down her every single night. I need it to be a cost-effective solution though. Anyone have any advice?

In the mean time, it's T-minus 3 and 1/2 days until sweet freedom...or the sweet freedom that comes with a toddler.

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