Thursday, January 9, 2014

#williamswayseveryday2014 Week 1

One of my goals for this year was to take a picture a day...something to show our every day life. Instagram is by far my social media of choice, and I have seen a lot of people starting fun hashtags to keep up with their kids or families. That's how #williamswayseveryday began. I added 2014 so hopefully I will carry this into 2015. I'll share them weekly here as a place to document them.

Our first week was a success! I think I annoyed Justin some with it, but I haven't missed a day yet. That's pretty good. (Is it sad that I am excited I've remember to take and post a picture for a measly 7 days?? That should indicate the level of my memory's performance lately.

Day 1: Snuggles and Dispicable Me 2
It was a stay in your pjs and welcome the new year quietly day with my two favorite people.
Day 2: Bustin' out of the house

Emerson and I stayed home most days over winter break. With the flu going around like it was (her pedi's office was out all of our break), I didn't really want to risk it. We started going stir crazy though, so we made a quick trip to Walmart. The only problem with taking Em anywhere is that she's half-dressed by the time you got there. In the time it took us to drive to town (about 15 minutes) She had pulled off her hat, taken her hair down, and lost a shoe.
Day 3: My future teacher

I'm trying to be more intentional about playing with Emerson. I pulled out this easel we found at Ikea ($10 on clearance!!) and let her have at it. She was IN LOVE. It's definitely a toy we'll have to play with her (hello, marker every.where.), but it was fun to see her excited about "writing."
Day 4: Date/Run errands day

We left Emerson with Justin's mom, and went on a little date/run errands day. I had several things to return to different stores, and we were in need of some grown up time. We annoyed each other at our first stop because I said Justin was being rude to the pharmacist at Target (he was), but we both got over it quickly. We ended the night with a belly full of Carrabas, and made it home for bedtime.
Day 5: Church and Corn (I tried a million won't rotate. Sorry!!)

We went for lunch after church, and this girl loves some corn on the cob. Her tiny little fingers are so cute they make me want to squeeze her until she pops.
Day 6: Back to school buddies

After being together for 2 weeks straight, I missed my little buddy on my first day back.
Day 7: Souper Supper

Granted it hasn't been as cold here as it has been other places, but 19 degrees is pretty chilly for Southeast Texas. Days like that definitely call for a good bowl of soup.
That's all I've got! Have a good one. :)

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