Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Randomness in a List

A few things on my brain lately:

  1. I am in a love/hate relationship that's about to do me in. Back after Christmas, we dvr'd the entire series of Breaking Bad. I absolutely loathe Walter White so far, but I can't quit it. I have to know what happens. The whole show has funny/tense/emotional moments, which are great and keep you on your toes. I'm just kind of over the "I'm trying to not be selfish selfishness." I have to know how it ends though. It's a sickness.
  2. I'm currently OBSESSED with The Handmade Home. I could sit and look at their stuff for hours and know if I didn't have a kid, husband, job, life, etc. They also have an Emerson, which makes me feel cool by association.
  3. Speaking of Em, I'm getting ready to redo some elements of her room. Nothing major, but we didn't choose any bedding when she was a baby. You're not supposed to use the blanket, bumper, etc. so it felt a little wasteful. We've gotten by with a plain bed skirt my aunt made out of a full-size sheet, random sheets, and baby blankets, but now I am ready to find something great. The only problem is I don't want to break the bank for toddler bedding. I've scoured Etsy (cute, but major $$), The Land of Nod (who has the PERFECT quilt with a link that doesn't work), and Pottery Barn Kids (found one I love, but parts of the set are discontinued). I've also looked at the major department stores. Does anyone else have an idea??? This is the quilt from TLON I love:
               Any ideas on where I can find something like it?

4. In case you missed it, Beth Moore's publisher is giving away several (like 16!!) of her books in digital form FOR FREE!!! Google "free Beth Moore books" or search her on Amazon for the Kindle versions. There are Bible study books as well as devotionals. This would be a great way to encourage a friend who might be struggling with God, or just to refresh yourself.

5. I'm loving seeing everyone's "one little words" for the year. I hadn't really thought about doing one again (last year my word was "done"), but the Lord really laid the word "seek" on my heart. Right now I am checking out how it's used in scripture, and so far I think this is the perfect word for our family this year. Active faith is where it's at. Maybe I'll post on it more later, once I have really dug into it.

Alright, time to get out of here. Hope you have a great day!

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