Monday, November 11, 2013

I'm turning into my mother...

This weekend was a pretty good one. Minus the fact it seemed to end in 2.5 seconds. I'm really trying not to be jealous that Justin is currently at home snuggling with Emmy Kate while I'm at school still trying to solve the mystery of who keeps unplugging my mini-fridge.

Saturday we started off with a lazy morning, and ended with my parents coming over to watch the Aggie game. I'm really thinking this was Johnny's last home game for the Ags ever, and him jumping into the crowd at the end almost made me fight back tears. #onemoreyear Johnny, please!

Saturday did involve the discovery of what will now be referred to as "crack dip" in our house. Ohmyword. Justin and I ate pretty much the whole bowl before my parents ever made it there. I plan on sharing the recipe later this week. (gotta get blog material where I can) Let me tell you though, it was so good I endured Walmart yesterday just to get the stuff to make it again.

Sunday was church (and Emerson's inevitable meltdowns), lunch with my in-laws, and then I went to get a mani/pedi with my mom. We had the usual conversations about Thanksgiving, Emerson, etc. and I decided to get her advice on a wardrobe problem.

I have a pair of black dress pants that are just about perfect. They're the perfect length, they are wrinkle-resistant, they haven't faded a bit even though I've worn them weekly for the past few years. However, a few weeks ago a tiny bleach spot appeared on the leg of these coveted black pants. Knowing how difficult it is to find great dress pants, I asked my mom if she thought I could dye them black using some Rit dye and cover the spot. She replied that she hasn't used Rit dye since the 70s, but then she suggested that I just get a permanent marker and color over the spot.

I nearly fell out of my chair laughing because that's exactly what I have been doing for about a month now. I thought I was being ingenious, but it turns out that I am just becoming my mother. Sad to say though that the marker seems to wash right out every time I wash the pants.

Maybe I should start thinking how my mom would solve the mystery of the unplugged mini-fridge...

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