Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Fall Favorites

So, let's be upfront and say that I should not really give anyone fashion advice. My favorite outfit consists of some men's sweatpants from Walmart and a 10-year-old hoodie that is covered in stains. (However, I was wearing that hoodie, pre-stains, when Justin proposed.) All that to say, I am definitely not the most fashion forward person alive. It takes me forever to get up the nerve to try new trends, but then I usually decide I like them. I thought I would share a few I really like for fall.

1. Dark nail polish--specifically Essie in Smokin' Hot
It took me a while to try dark polish. I loved it on everyone else, but I always thought it would make me look like I was trying to be goth or something. Now I love it. I really, really love this shade of Essie polish. It's a dark, purple-ish gray...I wear it all the time now.
2. Scarves---specifically ones from Gap and Target

I think we all get the appeal of scarves now...they dress up a simple outfit. They can be bold or comfy. My favorites come from Gap and Target. Both have the right length for tying, especially for tall girls. Target ones tend to be graphic and cute. My Gap ones tend to be SUPER soft and cozy.
3. The riding boot

This is my new endeavor. I LOOOVE how it looks on most other people, but I am really unsure of it on me. I took a chance and got this pair in black and brown at Payless this past weekend. I figure I should try a cheap version to decide if I like it. (They're $45 a pair and BOGO right now!!) Today is the first day I am really attempting it, and to say I'm slightly self-conscious would be a HUGE understatement. You can ask Kelly, I've sent her 599 pictures of outfits with them asking for approval. :) I think they will look great with leggings and dresses, but I don't own a pair of jeans that I feel like look really great with them. (even though I am attempting it today) I am kind of excited about trying it out.
It's kind of silly to me to be so concerned about trying out new fashion trends, and I get that. It's just something in my personality though. Kelly said something that really made me just do it though. She told me that if I hate it, it's only one day. It's only one day that I feel silly or self-conscious, and I seriously doubt that anyone around me is worried about whether or not I ever wear riding boots again. So, I guess I need to jump off the fence and just start trying. Anybody want to jump with me??

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