Monday, August 5, 2013

Remembering the Small Stuff

Yesterday was not our best day as parents. It started the night before when Emerson cried most of the night. She's getting tons of teeth right now, and we just have nights like that. Understandable yet really exhausting. She was super-whiny all morning while we were getting ready for church. We wanted to make it there early to try to get her settled in the nursery so that we could make into the service on time. Em's developed this thing where she gets so upset about us leaving her in the nursery, she throws up. She's thrown up on the same lady twice now, which in case you are wondering, is horribly embarrassing.

We took her in yesterday, and she went right to playing with the other kids. We snuck out of the door and listened for a minute. Nothing. We started down the hall and we heard her start crying. Justin went back to calm her down {and to hopefully avoid puke}, but we were too late. She had thrown up some already. We decided to just take her in to church with us, then she threw up again all over Justin. I mean ALL over Justin. :( There was no salvaging it. By that point, I was frustrated and tired. We left to come home, where she took about a 15 minute nap and was just awfully whiny. By that point, I would have gladly sold the child to the circus. {I'm kidding} Thankfully, Justin let me take a nap for a bit and things ended up not being so bad. It was just a tough day.

I was rocking her at one point, and I was saying to myself, "Remember: This is the kid you prayed so hard for. This is the kid you've waited for." Ha! I was having to remind myself that I did sign up for this---the good, the bad, and the whiny. Sometimes it is hard to be a parent. {duh}

So, today was a new day. We started fresh, and I really tried to focus on the good.

We went to work in my classroom some this afternoon.

It struck me when I saw her sitting at a desk having her snack that this really IS what I prayed so long for. I always imagined my kids playing around my school, having it's reality. 

It is also reality that she discovered that lids come off of markers. :) Luckily it was only on her hands, mouth, and legs with a tiny spot on her shirt. It's a right of passage for them to color themselves, right?

"You mean I'm not supposed to eat the blue marker?"
 We ended up having a pretty productive couple of hours, and she passed out on the way home. I'm really thankful that God reminded me today to pay attention and enjoy the small stuff. There will be super whiny days along the way, but they're worth it to be this kid's momma.

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  1. Beautifully written, and yes, I have to remind myself of the very same thing. Sydney can drive me up the WALL, and then down the OTHER side sometimes, and I have to stop and remind myself, "You PRAYED for this whiny, irrational, crazy thing running around screaming, so just praise God for her and go get another glass of tea."