Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Williams Family Road Trip Part 2

On Thursday of our trip, we drove over to Schlitterbahn to spend the day. We met up with my sister, bro-in-law, and my two nieces. Sadly this is the only picture I got after 8+ hours of sun and water fun. 

Em did GREAT! I kept her in the little kid part most of the time while Justin road the "big kid" rides with my niece. We did all ride the Congo, and it pretty much solidified the fact that I think this kid is going to grow up to be fairly fearless. (which I love) She didn't like the first waterfall we went down, but every rapid after that was met with lots of laughs. 

That was the 4th of July, so that night when we got back to my grandpa's house where we were staying, we got Em ready for bed then walked across the street to the True Value to get a better view of the city's fireworks. We were totally expecting Em to be worn out from Schlitterbahn, but she was wired! Justin said he was worried she'd set of the alarm at True Value from all of her running around and acting crazy. Luckily we didn't, and she was able to see some fireworks. She was less than impressed. Oh well, maybe next year. 

Friday, we headed to San Marcos and took a glass bottom boat tour at Aquarena. It was a decent little excursion. Years ago it was a theme park, but now Texas State University has taken it over due to a population of endangered species. It's only used for educational tours and research now. 

They also had a teeny tiny aquarium there, which I guess counts as part of our summer bucket list, even though there are probably more fish in the creek down the road from our house. 

That night we headed to Austin to spend time with my aunt and uncle. My nieces were getting restless and cranky (so were we), so we took a walk down to a little pond in their neighborhood. We've been doing more of this kind of thing lately (walks after dinner and such) and I've really enjoyed it. It's nice to get out and move around as a family, even if it's a thousand degrees outside. 

Saturday is the day we were really there family's 4th of July get together. My great uncle has always had this piece of land we call "The Tank", which was really just his cattle land and a huge stock pond. I can't remember a single childhood summer that I didn't spend at least a week swimming and fishing here. (Now I'm old enough to realize all the critters that are in there, and you couldn't pay me to go in.) Everyone spent the day visiting, swimming, playing washers, and eating. It was a good time. 

Emerson was worn slap out. 

It made a good end to our little vacation. We had a lot of fun, but nothing beats coming home to your own bed. :)

I have to share this one just based on cuteness. 

Sink baths by Daddy are always interesting. 

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