Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Camp Carlile

I have some really sweet friends who have a house on Lake Palestine. They invited us to come up this summer, and we made it there this past weekend. Their place is absolutely beautiful, but getting to be around them and some other really great people made the short trip one of my favorite parts of this summer. 

We spent Saturday swimming, boat riding, playing, and hanging out. Emerson loved swimming in the water. I think she would have been happy to stick around for longer than 24 hours. {so would her momma and daddy}

She loved riding in the boat! She didn't love wearing the life jacket so much, but watching the waves distracted her. Every time we put it on her, she fell asleep. We might need to try that trick at home. :) 

Justin and I both enjoyed ourselves so much. It was so great to be with the Carliles and Browns. It reminded me of how awesome it is to have great friends to do life with. We came up with a thousand reasons why we should move there! You never know. Maybe God will lead us that way. That's the great thing about never know what is just around the corner. 

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