Monday, June 3, 2013

Weekend Stuff

It's officially the last week of school, people! I am both really excited to not set an alarm and be home with my kiddo, and really sad to lose this group of kids I've had for the past 10 months. I have had the sweetest group of kids this year (who ROCKED their state test, by the way) and I'm sad to see them move on. Right now though, the joy over not having an alarm clock is winning out. 

We had a good weekend. It was busy, but really enjoyable. Friday night we went out to eat and then made an impromptu trip to the park. 

I'm not sure if you can tell, but this kid loves to swing! Her face was cracking me up!

The park has all these great ducks and geese that wander around. Most of them steered clear of us, but this guy was not afraid. (However, I was a tad afraid of him. What's with the red splatters all over his face and neck?!?)

I really love this kid.

Saturday, Em and I cleaned house while Justin had to work. When he got home, we headed to Houston for his cousin's wedding. It was an outdoor wedding in June in Texas so 'll let you figure how we all looked post-ceremony. They had a great photobooth with props to play with, but for some reason the picture I took of our photostrip is no longer on my phone. I will tell you, we were a hot mess. Emerson Kate was just interested in the dance floor. She had no intention of staying with us. She ditched her shoes and hit the middle of the dance floor. She wasn't into staying on the side. She wanted to be front and center.

We got back super late Saturday night, and homegirl doesn't seem to be liking her new car seat. It was not a fun trip there and back with her screaming, but it caused her to sleep much later than normal the next day. Sunday we "drove" down the road to Justin's parents' house to have dinner with his cousins from California. We haven't seen them in a long time so it was great to catch up. We spent time trying to catch up on things around the house and prepare for the week of craziness ahead.

Now we're in the home stretch! I'm praying we make it {quickly} through the next few days of awards, graduations, packing things away, etc. I'm ready for some summer fun!

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