Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Catching Up

Well, we're in week 2 of summer and I haven't blogged a bit.  It's not that I haven't thought about it. It's just that being home all day with a seriously clingy one-year-old means the only free time you have is naptime. Even then you have to make tough decisions like, "Do I actually take a shower?" "Do I work out?" "Do I wash dishes and sweep the floors for the 999,999th time in two days?" Sadly, the dishes and floors usually win out even though you probably can't tell by looking at my house right now. There may or may not be scrambled egg remnants from breakfast still on Emerson's highchair. Judge away. I got to take a walk and a shower today so I'm considering myself victorious. 

So, if you want to stick with me for a lot of random pictures, here's what we've been up to so far: 

01.) Taking care of our babies. 
Em's developed a real love for this cheap-o baby doll. It's so sweet to watch her love on it.

02.) Sporting some super cute duds. 
Thanks to Daddy for picking it out! 

03.) Learning to climb on our bed with no help. 
Heaven help Momma though! Check out that hair!

04.) Crossing things off our summer bucket list, like glow stick bathtime. 
A hit! 

05.) Chilling with some milk, the baby, and the Bubble Guppies each morning.

06.) Our fist official play date!! 
We hit up story time at the library and feeding the ducks at the park with our friends Cooper, 
Sam, and Nate! 

Oh, I love this picture! Nate's face is so sweet!

07.) Daily dance parties

08.) Stealing ice. 
This child is obsessed with ice!

09.) "Working on" a puzzle when apparently she thought it was too hot at the park. 
I put her down to play and she waved bye-bye to me before walking back to the car! 

10.) Goofing off in general. 
She did this {repeatedly} totally unprompted. She is for sure Justin's kid.

11.) Getting more independent every day. 
She loves to do stuff for herself, including pushing her own stroller. Sometimes it is a battle, 
but I'm really thankful she has a fierce streak in her. It will serve her well. 

12.) Reading up a storm. 
Hand this kid a book and she will be in heaven. 
Melt my heart. 

I'll try to do better about keeping up the blog this summer. We've got some great things coming up, so I will definitely want to remember them. I'm off to enjoy the last little bit of nap time peace. 

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