Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Emerson's 1st Birthday!

Our sweet Emerson Kate turned one this past Friday. It's hard to believe that a full year has past. It's really bittersweet. On one hand, I am sad to see those true baby days behind us, but it's also fun to see all of the things she's learning and trying out for the first time. Things seem to click with her now. We're able to recognize more words and she's more playful and interactive than ever. We have truly been blessed with a sweet, sweet miracle girl.

Saturday we had Em's party at our house. We went with a rainbow theme. I'll be honest and say that things did not go as I planned, but it's ok. We didn't get a single family picture together, the humidity was so bad it melted our cupcakes, and the threat of bad thunderstorms wrapped things up early. Our little girl had a blast though and that's what really matters.

Here are some pictures...

Justin's dad is famous for his banners. He made this one as the backdrop for everything. I was glad a snapped a picture early. The balloons at the top kept randomly popping, and were almost gone by the time we tore things down.

And this is why you don't plan an outdoor birthday party in Texas at the end of May! Our cupcakes barely hung on. I was proud of my little rainbow smash cake, and the cupcake toppers and treat bags I made. The bags had skittles, which I also put into jars on the tables where people sat. The subway art came from Eighteen25.

I stole this idea from Pinterest. It still wasn't exactly like I wanted, but close enough. My goal is to keep doing this with each birthday. I think it helps to have a reminder of what she was up to at this age.

I LOVED her outfit!!! It was one of the first things I planned once I chose a theme. Her tank is from Walmart, the skirt is from this shop on Etsy, and her red Toms were on Zulily several months ago.  

Emerson got a lot of great gifts! We got her this Cozy Coup and a big bouncy ball. Justin's parents got her a new car seat (yay!) and a keyboard. My parents got her a red Radio Flyer wagon and a few other small things. She was really blessed! 

The rainbow cake wasn't as purty as those on Pinterest, but it worked out ok. It tasted good too!

Just barely digging in and then...

That's good stuff! 

I had to share this picture. I am SO thankful for technology. Justin's brother and fam weren't able to make it to the party, but they were able to join us for a little bit through Facetime. Everyone was checking out Baby Archer! I am grateful they got to experience a little of the day with us. 

We finished out the day in what is probably going to become one of our most used toys...a pool from Aunt Alice! It turns out we have a little water bug who LOVES to swim! The bad thing is, she seems pretty fearless with it too. I'm hoping we can keep her from diving in head first! 

So, our first birthday party is behind us. I know I've said it a thousand times, but I feel so incredibly grateful for all of these sweet, sweet moments with this baby girl and her daddy. It was well worth the wait!

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