Monday, April 1, 2013

When things don't go as planned...

Well, this post should have been titled "Easter 2013." It should have been filled with nauseatingly adorable pictures of Emerson and our new nephew, Archer, who made his way into the world last Thursday. But instead it will be filled with puke. Well, fever and puke.

Since Archer arrived Thursday evening, we planned on going to Ft. Worth for Easter weekend to meet him (and see his mom, dad, brother, and sister.) Friday, I was off from school, so I busied myself getting everything packed and ready for us to be able to leave as soon as Justin got off from work. About 3:00, he called and said his boss let him off early, and we hit the road by 3:45. I had noticed Em was a little warm when I went to put her in her car seat, so I took her temp real quick thinking that if we had a sick kid, there was no way she could go. I would never want to put a newborn or a mom who just pushed out an 8 pounder, at risk of getting sick. Her temp was 99, which is somewhat her norm. She's warm-natured. Her doctor doesn't consider it fever until 100.4.

We loaded up and headed out. We stopped about 2 1/2 hours into the 5 hour trip to grab a quick bite to eat. I noticed that Em was burning up at this point. I checked her temp again, and it was 101.0. :( I knew something wasn't right. We talked it over and decided we would try to find the nearest Urgent Care place to see if maybe it was an ear infection or something non-contagious so we could continue on. Otherwise, we knew we would have to go home and miss out on meeting the baby.

The closest Urgent Care was closed, so we trekked to their ER. It looked nice enough, and the waiting room was empty except for one family waiting on someone who had already been seen. A very nice nurse sent us through triage. He took Em's temp with a skin thermometer, but it showed 98. He said the thermometers were "temperamental" and maybe he needed to clean it. He wiped it down, and tried again. 99. By this point, Justin was standing there with me, and commented on the thermometer. The nurse said, "Yeah. You can get these for like $30 at Walmart." Okay. He checked her heart rate, which was high, and noted that a high heart rate is often the sign of an underlying fever. He sent us in to wait for the doctor assuring us it wouldn't be long.

It wasn't. The doctor came in and stood with his arms crossed on the other side of the room. He declared that there couldn't be anything wrong with Em because she didn't have a fever. No questions. No exam. Just that they were right and we were wrong. I explained everything again, the situation we were in, her having a temp on our thermometer, and he said, "Well, you could have done it wrong and got a false reading." (insert dumbfounded look here) I asked him to check her ears and make sure they weren't infected. He somewhat obliged. He "checked" her by not even putting the scope into her ear canal. He also "checked" her throat by not even getting her to open her mouth, and he "checked" her breathing by not even making the stethoscope sit on her back. He said she was "fine" and dismissed us.

While I was checking out, completely at a loss for words over what had happened, Justin took Emerson out and checked her temp again with our thermometer. It was 101.2. He brought her back in, and we very nicely explained that she is showing a fever on our thermometer, and she was obviously warm to the touch. They sent out another nurse with the same skin thermometer. She scanned the left side of her head...98. Scanned the right side...99. Makes sense, right? I asked her to feel how hot Emerson was, and she said, "Well, her head is pretty hot." HELLO?!?! I told her we were just trying to make sure she's okay before we leave there. She sighed heavily, rolled her eyes, and said, "I'll check it rectally, but she is fine."

Now, I have never, ever been horribly rude to a stranger. I just can't do it. When I get bad service or someone is rude, I'll go off about it afterwards to people I know, but I am never rude to a total stranger. Y'all. I was rude. Really rude. I had enough. I gave her a piece of my mind, and walked out. I was livid! Even the paperwork they sent home with us said, "Do not use skin thermometers. They are inaccurate." It was bad.

Anyway, we ended up heading home. Better to be safe than to get Archer sick. About an hour away from home, Emerson puked all over me and her seat. We had to do a complete clean-up in the Chick-fil-a parking lot. We got home about 11:00, and Em slept ok. Most of Saturday she was fine. Her temp was 100, but she ate well and acted fine. Then, she puked her guts up again Saturday night. :( She cried off and on in her sleep all night that night.

Needless to say, our first Easter Sunday with her didn't look like I had imagined. I pictured the family pictures after church, lunch with our families, her excitedly playing with the goodies in her basket. It ended up being us in our pjs, organizing our closet, and catching up on The Bible miniseries. We did put her in her Easter dress and make her take pictures though. Hey, you do what you gotta do.

I was really upset Saturday night thinking about how things had just not gone like planned on such a special weekend. I was stewing on the fact that I didn't get what I wanted. It seemed unfair. I was standing in Emerson's room thinking to myself how crappy (sorry if you don't like that word...just keeping it real) this all was because it didn't go according to MY ways. It was then, that I had that little voice-aka the Holy Spirit say, "What you should be focused on is the Sunday over 2000 years ago when things didn't go exactly how those people planned either." A punch to the gut. A much needed punch, but a painful one.

I am selfish. I wanted that picture-perfect-show-it-off-on-Instagram first Easter. Instead I got a rude hospital, puke, and fever. BUT I also got a precious new nephew who I will meet very soon, a weekend with my sweet husband, and most importantly a risen Savior to celebrate. Who could ask for more?

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  1. Sounds like Emily's first Easter! Almost exactly the same, except for no vomit. Just lots of fever and feeling bad. Slept all the time. It was so sad. Hope Em is better now!