Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Yesterday was biopsy day. It wasn't as bad as I was prepared for. Don't get me wrong, it hurt! It wasn't unbearable though, and it was over pretty quickly. I felt very calm going in, which is nothing short of answered prayers. I get extremely nervous every time I go to the doctor, even if there's nothing wrong, so for me to be calm was completely God's doing.

The doctor's office did a great job of making me feel at ease and walking me through each step. I was not prepared that he would stick me 4 different times, but all I'm left with right now is some soreness. We should know results today or tomorrow. If it does come back as cancer, they'll send my information to MD Anderson (a cancer hospital in Houston). From there, they'll take over the surgery and treatment.

I am still praying that the tests will come back negative for cancer, and believing God can do it. I feel prepared just in case though.

These two cuties waited on me while I had the tests done. They were in the hallway outside of the doctor's office, and every one that walked in kept asking if Emerson was mine. I guess she was making some new friends while she and Daddy hung out!

I didn't know if I would make it back to school in time for a half-day since this doctor's office seems to run behind, so Justin and I both took a whole day. After the test, he must have felt sorry for me because I got Chick-fil-a for breakfast and a walk around Hobby Lobby! We're on the hunt for some different things for our house, so we bounced around from store to store...including an antique store where I thought the lady was going to kidnap Emerson. She held her forever and acted like she didn't want to give her back. Awkward! We wore Emerson slap out. This is how she took a nap in Academy. 

She slept for over an hour, so we just walked around the store until she woke up. Then we hit up Carmella's for lunch. Someone likes her tortillas.

I really want to say thanks to those of you that offered prayers and sent sweet messages yesterday. I fully believe that God heard you and granted what you were asking. Thank you so, so much!

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