Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Teaching Tuesday: Getting Ahead of Myself

I mentioned the other day that now is the time of year I start getting the itch to redecorate and reorganize my classroom. In the past, I've had to move classrooms every single year, so I never had the chance to get a head start on decorating for the following year. However, my new school is very consistent so I think since I have to take down every thing for our state tests next week, I may start to work on what I want for next year. Here are some ideas I want to put into play.

*Disclaimer: Pinterest has changed how they let you embed pins, and I have not figured it out. Therefore, these pictures do not link to the original source. Please don't think I am taking credit for these great ideas!! You can follow me on Pinterest to get to the source though.

01.) Happy Bunting! 

I am making some bunting for Emerson's first birthday party, so I plan on using it in my classroom later.

02.) Chalkboard Objectives

I love the look of the chalkboard! Since my dry erase boards are less than stellar I think this will 
find its way into my room next year .

03.) Adorable Seating

We teachers don't sit much, but a stool like this would be great for when we do group
work or long assignments on the document camera. Anybody have one they want to give me???

04.) Streamlined Bookshelves

I've started on this some with magazine boxes from Ikea. I have lots of tweaking to do though.
You should definitely check out this girl's classroom. She has amazing ideas!!

05.) Reading Focus Wall

I already have these things displayed around my room, but I really like how this teacher has them 
all in one place. 

06.) "Read"box

Now that's just cute! My kids love rereading books we've shared together. This would be a 
super-adorable way to display them. 

What about you?? Any new plans for the classroom next year?

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