Monday, April 22, 2013

Simple Life

We had a pretty simple weekend. Friday, my school let out early for a local festival so I tried to sneak off for a manicure/pedicure before I had to pick Emerson up. When I got there, the guy told me it would be a 40 minute wait. Don't people have jobs?? How in the world were that many people getting their nails done on a Friday afternoon? I waited though. My mom had gotten me a gift certificate for Christmas and expired that day, so I stuck around. 

PS. I tried Lucky Lucky Lavender for my mani because so many people on Twitter were talking about it. My verdict: meh. I liked it okay the first day or so, but now it seems too purple for me. Definitely not as neutral as everyone claimed. 

Saturday, Justin had to work that morning so Emerson and I hung out around the house. We ventured out later for groceries. She wanted to be my helper, and kept trying to write on my list. It was all fun and games until she threw the pen at some random guy. I'm learning you apologize a lot when you have a kid.

Her new favorite thing is Bubble Guppies. I won't lie, I like it too. They have a good balance of kid humor and adults-who-think-like-kids humor. It has a lot of good basic skills too. I have been impressed with it. It's the only show she sits still and watches, other than football. Saturday evening, I put her down to watch an episode because she was getting restless with the same old toys. I tried to get her to cuddle up with me, but she wanted to move down the couch and sit by herself. So it begins... She is so independent. 

Yesterday, we went to church and a lunch-thingy afterwards. It was great to hang out with those people and to enjoy the weather some. There was another little boy there who is a month older than Em. Apparently he started walking this past week. Emerson must have been watching him closely because we got home last night and she took several steps about 3 different times! She had started standing up on her own Wednesday, and has gradually gotten more confident with it. Last night was the first time she has taken unassisted steps though. (And wouldn't you know it was to grab the phone out of my hand while I was trying to get a picture of her standing up!) People really aren't kidding when they tell you that it comes out of nowhere! I am really excited to see how she does with it. I know it will open up a whole new can of worms for us, but each new phase is just fun! If she has to grow and change so fast, we may as well enjoy it!

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