Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Fantastic 5: Random Edition

So, let's talk some fun products, shall we? Here's a {very random} list of 5 things I love lately.

01.) Kenra Blowdry Spray

This stuff is a game changer. If you have thick, coarse hair like I do, it will change your life. During the spring and summer...or more honestly ALL year long in Texas...the humidity can cause it to take me up to 30-45 minutes to blow dry my hair. That is too long for my sanity! Enter this little gem. I read about on the Twitter  { the hub of all great ideas}, and had to try it. It promises to cut your blow drying time in half. "Half" might be a stretch, but it lowers it significantly for sure. It's a little pricey, as most Kenra products are, but well worth it.

02.) The Divergent Series


My friend, Jessica, told me about this series. It's Hunger Games like, but intense in a whole different way. Right now there are two books in the series, Divergent and Insurgent. The third book comes out in October, with a movie of the series coming out next year. Trust me, if you need a simple, entertaining read {don't we all this time of year?!!} this is for you.

 03.) DKNY Golden Delicious


This is my favorite perfume. It smells good. What more can you say?

 04.) Modernality Pillows


This is my new favorite Etsy shop. I could buy everything they offer and be a happy girl! They have the best fabric choices, and even coordinate fabrics I would have never thought to put together. I ordered 3 pillows from them 2 weeks ago. Not only did I get the pillows quickly, they were extremely well made, and exactly what I ordered. I am always leery of ordering from Etsy shops that I don't already know of, but I was glad I took a chance on this one! I would highly recommend them. 

 05.) Lysol Wipes


This is the mom in me professing my love for Lysol wipes! I use these to wipe down Em's high chair and toys almost daily. The dual action ones have a rough, scrubbing side that really does remove dried food from her chair. I prefer them over the usual Clorox wipes because they don't have a heavy bleach smell. I feel better about using them on toys and things I know she will be putting into her mouth. Not the most riveting product in the word to suggest, but it is a great one to have around.

*These are strictly my opinions. I am not liable for any accidents you may have or products you may hate. Nobody has paid me to recommend these things, but feel free to. :)

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