Friday, April 12, 2013

5 for Friday

01.) We're headed to College Station tomorrow for A&M's Maroon & White game. It's a little ridiculous how excited I am. ESPN is broadcasting the game so maybe you'll see us on TV. {hopefully not}

02.) I feel that I have become the annoying mother/wife/person who takes too many pictures, but I don't really care. I love having pictures to look back at and remember the little moments that really make up life.

03.) Lately I have the urge to yell, "Be grateful!" at people {and maybe sprinkle them with glitter a la Mariah Carey}. We're so immersed in a society that tells us we should have our way all the time, that people get grumpy when little things go awry. I just want to tell them to grow up! No, your life doesn't look like everyone else's, but it's not supposed to. You were created to be live YOUR life. We all want things, we all want situations to go our way, and we all want to be the best at whatever it is we do. Reality ain't gonna happen. Be content with the incredible blessings you have been given. {Look hard, they're there.} Quit complaining about the small stuff, and quit condemning others just because they're content in their lives and you aren't. {Exceptions: just losing a baby, spouse, or other life-altering event} {Soapbox over.}

04.) I feel like finding a new person to cut your hair is almost harder than finding a spouse. I desperately need a hair cut, and my usual girl is on maternity leave. I've resulted to stalking people whose hair I like, and asking them who they use. It's not awkward at all. {not}

05.) Our last six weeks of school {it's actually like 7 1/2 weeks, but close enough} starts Monday. That means summer's a comin'!!! Yay!!! Now is usually the time when the urge to reorganize and redecorate my classroom happens. I'm fighting it off though because our district has a bond proposed, which could lead to completely renovated classrooms for us. {Lot's of asbestos and leaks in our building} If it passes, we will have to pack up and move every single thing out of our rooms, but we'll have like-new rooms to welcome us next year! Exciting!!!

Alright folks, it's quittin' time. Have a fantastic weekend! Here's hoping we see a little Johnny Football in action tomorrow! Gig 'Em!!!

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