Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Teaching Tuesday: Teacher Fail

I figured we could use a chuckle today.

This week, in science, we're learning about inherited traits. Yesterday, I gave my kiddos a list of traits {could they roll their tongue, do they have freckles, etc}, and they worked with a partner to see which traits they had and which ones they didn't.

One of the questions said, "Do you have dimples?" I'm walking around the room, monitoring, and I hear a student say, "You know, dimples. Those bumps you get on your face when you don't wash it. My brother has them."

I laughed to myself and explained that those are pimples, not dimples. None of my students have dimples this year, so I showed them a picture of Justin, who does have a pretty great set. I walked around, showing them each his picture and pointing out his dimples, when one of my sweet little girls said, "Whoa! His pimples are awesome."

Teacher. Fail.

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