Monday, March 18, 2013

Spring Break '13 {Picture Overload}

Spring Break was simply awesome. It was a perfect balance of going and doing with staying and playing. I was able to accomplish everything on my bucket list with the exception of having a fire with Justin. Sleep and my book simply won out on that one.

We spent our first day off at the park. Em got to swing, and I fit in 2 miles between trying to keep her from bailing out of the stroller and picking up the toys she was throwing along the path.

Justin and I had a fantastic date day to Houston. We hit up Ikea and some pretty awesome outlet malls. My steal of the day was this dry erase/chalkboard easel from Ikea for $10!! It was in the returns section, but we haven't found anything wrong with it. Those things don't come cheap, so I jumped on it even though we have awhile before Emerson will find it remotely interesting.

She and I spent lots of time outside. The weather was just too awesome not to. It was pretty windy, so I tried to keep her ears covered up. We attempted some bubble blowing, but she had zero interest in it. She wanted to "read" her book the whole time. I don't know where she gets that from. :)

Springing forward rocked our world for a couple of days. Little miss did not want go to bed. PS Her hair is AWESOME these days. It's getting long and straight up Elvis-poofy. She has the funniest bedhead now.

We also discovered her love for mac and cheese. She smelled like cheddar for the rest of the day. I can now say I have cleaned cheese from some one's belly button...not that it's something I ever wanted to do, but I feel there are some bragging rights to be had there.

Popsicles in the sunshine and Daddy's hat.

We ended our spring break with a baby shower for some great friends of ours who are having a little girl next month. Em loved getting to swing with their son, and hanging out in general. So did we. We are extremely blessed with great friends!

Sunday turned into project day. All I can say is my husband is freaking awesome! He took a tiny idea and turned it into something amazing. 

Hello, gray walls and and a completely amazing, awesome, fantastic, barn wood wall in our bedroom! {Excuse the random laundry. It was late and I was too tired to move it.} I'll. post complete befores and afters once we get some accents chosen and such. Can I just tell you that he did this all in ONE day!!! ONE! He's amazing! 

Now we're back to reality. Only 11ish more weeks until summer though! Hope you all have a restful, springy week. :)

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