Monday, March 4, 2013

Emmy Kate Update

I really can't get over how fast this whole parenting-thing happens. One day you have this precious little blob that sits still and lets you hold and cuddle it as much as you want, and the next day you have a wild woman who monkey-crawls away from you as fast as she can {especially when said child has something in her mouth she isn't supposed to...which is ALL the time}. Every stage we go through has been so fun, hard sometimes, but fun. Here's a few minor things I'll want to remember.

We're phasing out the bottle and introducing the sippy cup. She likes it well enough, but we haven't totally given up on the bottle just yet.

We have the same issue most parents do...Spend money on toys and they'd rather play with their bows or bang on Daddy's wok that hangs in the kitchen. Between those and her magnetic letters on the fridge, she keeps herself pretty entertained. 

Miss Priss is also into stretching her boundaries. Why crawl around the high chair when you can obviously go over it? Notice the nice onesie buttoned on the outside of the pants a la 1984. Mommy was tired of buttoning and unbuttoning that thing after FOUR poopy diapers in a row. 

We're into table foods now. She's had a huge variety of things, and pretty much seems to like all of it with the exception of refried beans. {What is wrong with this girl!?} Last night, we had ham, matchstick carrots, and some apple I grated for her. 

I think she liked the apple. :) Also, check out that hair! It's coming in fast and furious, which makes for some pretty stinking awesome bedhead. 

I don't even know what we did before this kid came along. Oh wait, we slept! Her sweet little spirit and those adorable eyes are worth all of the difficulties though. We are so blessed! The next one is sure to be a troll.

(I'm just kidding!)

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