Monday, February 4, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

I was really sad to see this weekend go. It was one of those weekends that you always dream about having when you're single...Your happy little family spending time together. The weather was perfection this weekend, so we decided to just enjoy it. Who cares that our house looked like it was inhabited by squatters, who were probably naked if you looked at the obscene amount of dirty laundry? We just walked around the piles and out the door. 

Saturday morning we got up and took Em to the park to try out the swings. I've been wanting to see if she like it or not before we buy her a swing for our house. She loved it! Too bad her mom is scatterbrained and took a whole bunch of cute pictures on a camera with no memory card. Therefore, she has no cute pictures to show. After that, we headed to Walmart to get our grocery shopping done. 

I wish I could have rolled through Walmart like that! First weekend of the month + Super bowl = NOT the day to go grocery shopping.

After that, we went home and played in the yard. It was so nice! Em read her books and explored while Justin and I just soaked up the peace and quiet.

Daddy gave her a leaf 'do too. :)
After that we met some friends for dinner, and were home in time for bath and bed on schedule. Perfection.

Sunday, we were super early for church, so we stopped at McDonalds for some breakfast and playtime. I didn't even freak out that she was playing all over the place and then licking her hands. Yay, me! It caught me off guard watching her that she is now old enough to play {well, stand and beat on the drum} at places. It was one of those bittersweet moments where I am so proud of who she has become, but also really sad that my baby is growing so quickly.

At lunch after church {geez, I think all we did was eat out this weekend} Justin gave her a bite of guacamole. I thought she would fall out of her chair trying to get more. She loved it! She's definitely my child.

Sunday afternoon found us all like this...

Naps are always better in Momma and Daddy's bed. 

How was your weekend? I hope it was as great as ours. Only 4 1/2 days until the next one!

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