Monday, February 18, 2013

Wedding Weekend

My cousin got married at this really great place near Houston this weekend called Lindsay Lakes. We made the 3 hour trip there {and what felt like the 10 hour trip home} so that some of my Austin-area family could see and meet Emerson. The wedding was nice, and extremely short. It was a no-fuss, no-muss kind of wedding, which was nice when your almost 9 month old decides she wants to do an interpretive dance to any and all music.

 Emerson was fantastic! She never made a peep during the ceremony, but she was quite a wiggle-worm. She held it together in the car, and had a great attitude the whole time. We took advantage of the scenery and snapped a few pics of her in front of the water.

And allow me to defend my mothering skills...Yes, it was an outdoor wedding in February, and she did have on tights. She just blew them out the moment we got there. I'm still new at the mom thing, so I had a backup dress, but no backup tights. That is why she is bare-legged, outside, in February. I promise I am not negligent.

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