Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The book I've been waiting to read...

Since motherhood came along I've had a hard time really investing in books. The last book I read was Gone Girl, and it was pretty good, but in a "I can't believe these people are so crazy way." I'm pretty good about reading a variety of books {when I do get to read}, and I try to throw in what I like to call "Jesus-books" every now and then. Books on faith and other people walking through some of the same situations in life that you do is so encouraging to me. Melanie is one of those people who walks through life and faith just like we do, but she seems to do it in a much funnier, more fashionable way.

If you don't already read her blog, The Big Mama Blog, you are missing out! She has such a great way of taking every day life and making it hilarious. I feel like we'd be bffs if I lived in San Antonio and were a lot more athletic. {It helps that she's an Aggie, loves football, Mexican food, and corny jokes.}

Melanie wrote a book, a sort of memoir to her daughter, Caroline {who is hilarious in her own right}. It's called Sparkly Green Earrings and it comes out THIS Friday!

Here is just a tiny snippet of why I can't wait to read this book...

I mean, seriously. I may resort to that trick when it comes to potty training Emerson.

I wish I could tell you I have free copies of the book to give away, but I don't. {Rumor is Sophie does though.}The truth is, I pre-ordered my copy in the Kindle store weeks ago, and I've been anxiously hoping that it would download early. I just wanted to tell you about this book in case you're like me...a newish mommy looking for someone to commiserate identify with and needing a good laugh. I also think it's a great thing to support and promote positive voices in parenting out there. So much negativity is around us. We need a little light and laughter, which is what Melanie provides.

 It comes out this Friday, but I've seen several people post online that they've already seen it in Lifeway and Barnes & Noble. {Husbands, this would be a great {easy} Valentine's Day gift for the wives. {Except for you, Justin. I already bought it. Sorry!} }

Let me know if you do read it. Maybe we can get together to discuss it and to shop for our own pair of sparkly green earrings.

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