Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Negative Nancy

Lately I have been struck by tons of negative thoughts...feeling defeated, overwhelmed, under-appreciated, blah, blah, blah. It's human. We all have those days, those seasons, where we feel down. Nobody is "up" 100% of the time, and if they are you should check their medicine cabinet! I think a lot of mine had to do with a combination of being so far behind in my classroom while Em was sick, Em actually being sick, and working my tail off in the gym lately to only have none of my actual tail come off. {more on that later}

I was wallowing for a few days, and I knew it.

I wanted out though. One reason I really wanted out of it was because negativity is more contagious than the flu. Our negative thoughts and words are impactful and catchy. We pass them on faster than a sneeze passes on germs. Trust me, I know.

I've worked in a place that I loved dearly, but was sinking in negativity. Everyone talked about everyone. Everyone judged what you did and didn't do. Everyone thought it was their business to be your keeper, myself included. I am in no way judging that place. I was a ring-leader there for sure, and I regret it. Every summer, I would go in thinking, "I am NOT going to get caught up in it this year. I'm going to close my door, stay to myself, and ignore it." Yeah, right.

Those negative thoughts and comments seeped quietly under the door and past me in the hallways. Soon {how soon I'm afraid to admit} I was joining in and being covered by the gossip and gripes. I would go home complaining of so-and-so and what they did or did not do. Now looking back on it, I was annoying! More than that, I was sinful. I mean that truly...full of sin...over this.

This past summer God gave  me a fresh start. He put me in a place where I am not overtly a leader and I really don't know anyone. For once, I sat back, kept my mouth shut, and my head down. Someone griping about someone else was easier to ignore and not be a part of because I had no idea who it was they were talking about! Y'all, it has meant FREEDOM for me. It has meant a realization of how strong those degrading and gossiping thoughts and words can be. It has meant that now, when I do have those days, I can recognize it and correct it that much easier. It has also revealed to me that those people who are constantly negative...those who always see the bad and never the good...are often so deep into their own negative ways they don't see the way out. They are missing something. Approval? Attention? Something. They get it by bringing others down.

Source: via Chrissi on Pinterest

So...instead of joining the Negative Nancys of the world, let's rub off a little encouragement on them. Be a light. Speak TRUTH, encouragement, and love even when all you get is falsehood, discouragement, and scorn. I'm praying that those of you who read this will not only encourage this week, but also feel freedom and renewal from any negativity that may be around you. Let's think good thoughts, but most importantly, speak good words.

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