Thursday, February 14, 2013

It's the little things...

Sorry I've kinda fallen off the blog wagon this week. It's been a rough one, but maybe I'll update on that later. 

I feel like I've been really emotional this week. Maybe it's lack of sleep. Maybe it's from Emerson being sick. Maybe it's from feeling stretched 9 ways to Tuesday. Whatever it is, I've been letting it really get to me, and I hate that. 

Today is my first full day in my classroom all week. I've been dreading the piles and stacks and lack of routine I'm coming back to, but then I walk in this morning to this...

That my friends, is love from my kindergarten buddy. I have a student whose mom teaches down the hall, and her little brother is in kindergarten. He comes by every afternoon to say hello, and I ask him about his day. {According to him they only play outside in kindergarten. I think I need to change my job to kindergartner!} He's always smiling this bashful little smile and never forgets his manners. He's such a cutie.

This morning, he came running in and handed me this with a whispered "Happy Valentime's Day!" I thought I'd start crying right then, but I held it together. All of the stress and worry and being so far behind this week melted right away. I'm so thankful for little hearts who draw you pictures, and a God who knows that you need that little bit of love. 

So, in the words of my little friend, Happy Valentime's Day! I hope you feel very loved today and every day.

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