Friday, February 8, 2013


Okay, so can we start this out by me telling you that I was hit BY A DEER this morning?!?! You read that right. HE hit ME. I was minding my own business when I noticed a deer leaping across the right side of the road. I figured that meant he had friends close behind, and I was right. I slowed down to a complete stop. {luckily nobody was behind me} One of his buddies ran straight out in front of my car, but there was a little guy who didn't know what to do. He went left then right then left, like he was trying out for the NFL or something. Finally, he decided to go left and cut in front of me, but not before he sideswiped the front of my car. I heard him hit and felt the car shake, but there doesn't seem to be any damage. That's definitely the first time an animal has hit ME. Probably payback for the many squirrels I've taken out in my day.

Anyway, let's get on with the Instagram...

01.) I've heard about Spark from several friends. I tried it out to see if it lived up to the hype. It did. This stuff is amazing! 

02.) My brain seems to have taken a vacation this week. I swear when I looked at my kiddo's spelling list for next week it said, "stripper." Hey, nothing in education surprises me anymore.

03.) I am thankful for a principal to finds any excuse possible for us to wear jeans, but it was super hard yesterday to fight the urge to wear my slippers to school. I was dragging my feet leaving {see what I did there}, so I started wondering if I could pass them off as shoes. Don't worry. I came to my senses.

04.) My 40 in February challenge is going great! I'm up to 16.55 miles this past week, and that's with me skipping out Wednesday. Now if only the dang scale would actually move in the right direction.

05.) I'm lacking motivation in a lot of areas this week. Our clean laundry has sat in our living room since Sunday. That is sooooo not like me, but I honestly have not minded it. I just block it out when I walk through that room. 

Here's hoping some sleep and a weekend of nothing to do will get me motivated again!
Happy Friday!

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  1. The deer hitting you is more common than you think. You're lucky it was just a swipe. My mom had her car totaled by a deer running into the side of it when she was young!