Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Teaching Tuesday: Favorite Read Alouds

My favorite time of day is when I gather my kids on the carpet {yes, even though they are 3rd graders} and we get lost in good book for 10 or 15 minutes. There's something so relaxing and, as cheesy as it sounds, magical, about those moments. We get lost in plots about pigs and mice who love maidens. We get to really enjoy books the way they are meant to be enjoyed. This week, I thought I would share my go-to books for read alouds.
{All photos are from Amazon, which also happens to be the best place to purchase these books, in my opinion.}

01.) Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle

This is the first book I read to my class every year. Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle is a cute little old lady who cures ailments such as "answerbackism" and selfishness. It brings up good conversations about how to use your manners and handle work you may not want to do.

02.) Charlotte's Web

A true classic. Even though I always hate the day Charlotte dies, this story will always have a place in my classroom. It is my all-time favorite book of any kind. Friendship. Heroes. A love of words. Who could ask for more?

03.) Hank the Cowdog

I love exposing my kids to classic series {IE something a little more mature that a baby who flies around in his underwear}. Hank falls right into that. I remember my third grade teacher reading us these books, and loving them. It usually spurs a few of my boys to start reading also. That's always a win.

04.) A Series of Unfortunate Events

I usually save this series for the end of the year when my kids are a little more mature. It's not your run-of-the-mill happy story, but the kids love the mystery of figuring out who Count Olaf will show up as next. When introducing a series, I usually read the first one and let the kids check out the rest on their own time. However, with this series, I think the second book is even better than the first. I will often read both of them to give the kids the full picture of the plot.

05.) The Tale of Despereaux

Or anything by Kate DiCamillo!! She is one of my favorite authors. Not only are her words beautifully written, but she encourages the readers to explore new words. She is an author to keep on hand.

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