Friday, January 25, 2013


I'm joining up with Jeanett again to recap the week in pics thanks to Instagram. Be sure you check out her site for more!

life rearranged

Em got this great bag from her grandparents for Christmas, and I am so jealous!. I have the same bag, but the gigantic size and in red. I'm feeling the need for a cute little monogrammed one in green for Mommy.

I do love me some gift cards though! I would never, ever, ever cough up the money for one of the Naked Pallets on my own, but thanks to a gift card from the in-laws, this beaut is mine. I've watched a couple of tutorials on YouTube, but I've mostly played with it on my own. Verdict: It's worth the hype.

I've been getting my workout on almost every day this month. (Yay for consistency!) I've discovered a love of the stationary bike, which is so not like me. I'm lucky in that my school has a mini-gym for employees. I've been able to get on the treadmill or bike during my lunch time or right after school pretty much every day.

That led me to these new pups. I'm what you call "old" now, and need a little more support in the foot area when I'm getting my wog on. (That's walking/jogging for those that don't know.) Can I also say that I love Zappos for their FREE overnight shipping??? I ordered these guys day before yesterday, and they were sitting on my porch when I got home last night. That.Is.Awesome.

This little toot has started to pull up on anything that will stand still long enough. You never know where her sweet little face will pop up. Cute Thing is trying her hardest to walk. She can navigate the course as long as she has something to hold on to, but I'm trying to ready myself for her to be a free-standing walker very soon. I'm not sure what I think about that though. I love each new stage, but I'm not ready for my baby to be a toddler. This year has gone way too fast. Now I think I'll go sob in a corner at how big my baby girl is getting.

Happy Weekend!


  1. I love each new stage too! You Insta is was nice to look at and your blog! Newest follower! Would love for you to follow back!?

  2. love those pint sized canvas totes!
    [found your blog through jeanett and enjoyed looking around!]

  3. Nice to meet you. Good for you on making your workout goal this month. I wish you the best at keeping up with it. I am also re-committing to fitness this year. It's been 3 weeks and I'm finally seeing results. I am what they call "old" now too. So I work way harder than what the scale shows :) Hate that part. Anyways, didn't mean to write a novel! Stopping by from Life Rearranged.